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September 2007

The middle-class slums?

Literally no peace or silence. Hear it all loud and clear when any of your neighbors talk. So called 'individual' houses, most of them joined with one another at hips. No air or space between them. 8 to 10 feet wide roads (practically speaking), dotted with cars, and cobwebbed with cables of all sorts - tv, telephone and electricity in that order.

Normal Theatres Giving Way to Multiplexes - Is this a good sign?

Nowadays, normal movie theaters are disappearing, especially in MG Road - Cantonment area leading to multiplexes. These multiplexes are so expensive, it will create a lot of imbalance between the rich and the poor. Why countries like America has become so successful is that the gap between the rich and the poor is less since most of the things are affordable by a common man.

BMIC - Supreme Court questions notification inviting global bids

So, as was expected by most, Supreme Court questions BMIC notification inviting global bids:

"The Supreme Court on Thursday questioned the Karnataka Government for issuing a notification inviting global bids for the Bangalore Mysore Infrastructure Corridor (BMIC) project when there was a specific direction issued in April 2006 to the State and to Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprises (NICE) to complete the project expeditiously."

New airport - more aerial shots

For whatever it is worth, recently when a flight presented an opportunity, I tried some photos of the upcoming Bangalore Airport (BIAL). The results? Nothing too good, but here they are. And sorry, couldn't manage to shoot the approach roads. Next time and more aerial pics soon.

Rash driving in Mumbai - Person is behind the bar for a day - Shouldn't we also use this mantra?

In Mumbai, they recently introduced a law to put the person behind bars for rash driving. Shouldn't Bangalore be following the same thing. We have to followup with our commissioner and get it incorporated. Basically, Indians, to be general Asians are not good drivers compared to Americans and Europeans (Please don't take it negatively - This is a fact). We do not have discipline in driving. That's why most of Asian countries suffer a lot from traffic problems. Putting a good public transport system and enforcing people to use it is the only mantra to overcome this traffic problem. comment guidelines

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