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Normal Theatres Giving Way to Multiplexes - Is this a good sign?

Nowadays, normal movie theaters are disappearing, especially in MG Road - Cantonment area leading to multiplexes. These multiplexes are so expensive, it will create a lot of imbalance between the rich and the poor. Why countries like America has become so successful is that the gap between the rich and the poor is less since most of the things are affordable by a common man. Here in India, especially in Bangalore, the gap is increasing so much. Paying 130 bugs on weekdays and 190 bugs per person on weekends just to watch a movie!!!. Even Government is taking interest and coming up with its own multiplex at Jayanagar by demolishing the existing Puttanna theatre. Let the multiplex culture increase, it is a good way to watch multiple movies at a single place, but, prices should be made affordable to everyone. Newer multiplexes which are affordable by everyone should be started. People of Bangalore have gone mad and pay unnecessarily to unwanted luxuries - if the same money is diverted to a social cause, so many poor people will be helped out. There are so many people in this country, even in this city itself, without proper food, but, we see people who have money partying and wasting food, spending thousands of rupees. When there will be a balance between these two class of people, then only we can see our country prospering.
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bheja fry

hi vasanth see this basically, what he is saying is that because multiplexes charge more, they have made movies like bheja fry, khosla ka ghosla and cyanide viable. otherwise you are forced to formulas. do you think s.nag made any money on "accident"? imagine how encouraging it would have been for people like nag, desai etc. perhaps if all theaters in blr were multiplexes you will see reduction in prices. right now it is a niche market so they are pricing for that. you have a very rosy picture of rich and poor divide in US. it is not like that. the images that you see come at a cost that has most people seriously burdened. i can give many examples but health care and transportation are two big examples. take transportation for example, in most cities of US you cannot survive without a car, almost everybody has a car and is paying installments and repair and maintenance on car. that is a serious burden for a lot of people considering that they have to pay house mortgage and if self employed health care also. dont go by what media says. real people have different stories.
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Multiplex culture

[moved this to the culture category] There is place for both Vasanth. Ours being such a diverse city (country rather), we often forget that one-size-fits-all strategy isn't the best one.
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Disparity will continue

I think we will continue having 2 classes of theaters, one which caters to the affluent class and the other which is for the masses. I don't think any number of multiplexes will bring down the price of tickets at them. We have quite a few multiplexes now in the city and more coming up, but the price of tickets have only gone north. Also, they seem to be running full house even for crappy cinema of weekdays in the afternoon. There are people with enough money to spend and as long as there is demand, the supply will continue. A probable solution is if the government makes a stand like what the Tamilnadu government did and slap a writ on the multiplexes to not charge higher than some amount. This will prove to be very bad for the sarkari coffers and hence will not be done.
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bane of multiplexes..?

Standalone theatres end shows at one time and the capacity is much larger than multiplexes.. so there is sudden burst in traffic at one go.. Multiplexes have varied show timings.. so the road is always crouded!! On a serious note..there are fewer movies which need to be watched in a multiplex/theatres..the rest theres TV/DVD's! comment guidelines

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