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Mid day pass, and age for senior citizen pass in BMTC

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Kudos to KSRTC for age reduction - now decreased fare by 25% for senior citizens for 60 yrs from 65 earlier.

But still in BMTC daily pass is still 50 for senior citizen even after having proof.

They accept only BMTC id card. Why should we need one more card if we already have KSRTC id card /voter's id/govt id card ?

BMTC should think to introduce HALF DAY PASS for 30 valid from 12 noon to 12 night.

And reduce daily pass for 45 for all users with any valid ID card.

Decrease rates and make more usage/increase usage of public transport system so that traffic congection reduced.

BMTC has setup 3 new routes K4, K5 and K6 which is appreciated.

But extend K5, K3 from HSR BDA complex to HSR CPWD complex so that sector-I people are also benefited.

Extension just requires bus to take left and pass via 19th cross to NIFT and CPWD quarters.






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Extend K4 as well

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K4 also can be extended to CV Raman Nagar to benefit the employees of Bagmane Tech Park.

Also, I wonder why any bus which goes from Corporation to Mysore Road has to pass via KR Market. There are enough buses to Market from Mysore Road and Vijaynagar. I think BMTC should introduce buses which ply fully on the Mysore Road flyover from Townhall to Sirsi circle directly. This will save a lot of time.



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Introducing a new route is a

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Introducing a new route is a good step but they really need to think about the cards. Because aged people are looking for senior citizen discount in their daily life routine. And I think they need to reconsider about the age limit for people. comment guidelines

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