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BMTC volvo hike loses passengers by 50%

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After hike in volvo fares BMTC is turned out to be losing passengers.

More details at below link



BMTC increased fares of AC buses by 12% last Sunday. Along with the ticket fares, rates of daily passes of both Volvos and AC Suvarna buses were also increased by Rs 10.

A bus conductor, on the Majestic-ITPL route, said that till Sunday, his bus used to be crowded in mornings and evenings. “A lot of people used to commute standing as they could not get seats in crowded buses. But after the steep increase in the fare, occupancy rate has come down by half. Only a few buses get enough passengers,” he said.

The BMTC employees said that the AC buses earned profits only on few routes, but the increase would end that too. “Till last year, all air-conditioned buses were incurring huge losses. The situation improved when the routes were changed. But with the increase in fares, they have again gone back to making losses,” said another bus driver on the Jayanagar- Electronic City route.


VOLVO are turning out more costlier than 2/4 wheelar and people are now tempted to use own transport.

BMTC is for public service and not for profit making still they don't realise this.







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How much BMTC charges for volvo charted buses?

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How much BMTC charges for volvo charted buses ?

These buses run empty  while they are trying to reach company campus, wait there for 30- 60 min,  then it carry less then it' capacity,on tp of it  their schedule are on peak hours. 

On same time slot I see all 500C, D, K buses carrying 50 - 100% more pessangers then its capacity





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How can we prevent this outsourcing and steep increase in fares?

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Dear Praja Friends, how shall we go about in putting a controlling mechanism for irrational BMTC fare hikes and outsourcing of buses leading to regular bus passenger strangling to get a bus despite of paying hefty.

For Bangalore, as of now, BMTC is the only Public Transport. Commuter Rail and Metro is still a distant dream. Private buses are also not allowed like Delhi. So self transport is the only option and with more and more people opting for self transport, roads will further get congested.

I heard there is a Metro fare regulatory act and Namma Metro fare is as per that standards in an interview of MD Namma Metro when questioned if Metro would become unaffordable for a common man. Is there any such Bus fare regulatory act? comment guidelines

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