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No Trees for city streets??

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Ranganath Swamy, Assistant Conservator of Forests, BBMP Forest Cell, said the existing roads were being constantly used and re-used for infrastructure projects, making trees vulnerable in the city. As a result, saplings can be planted only in “closed spaces” like educational institutions, fenced government premises and clubs. 

The BBMP Forest Cell had suggested to the engineering wing to retain or undertake fresh plantation on new Tender SURE roads, but the request was turned down on the grounds that the infrastructure would get disturbed because of underground pipelines and cables. This has led to further reduction in space, said a forest cell official. 

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If this is the way our city is heading and this is what the authorities think about trees on streets then we will end up in the dumps soon for sure!

TendeSURE roads are good and is a welcome break from the past but not having new trees on them is a very big blunder they are doing!

The thought of underground utilities are not not new by any means and also the solutions to have trees on such pavements with underground utilites is also not new. 

Root barriers are not at all new and is a very efficient way of managing the problems with roots. Representations were made to JUSP and BBMP from Praja about this, but everything in vain!

All that lacks is a will to do it by the authorities,,,A will to make this city more and green!

Hope sense prevails!!

Again the falling trees during monsoon and otherwise is because of some simple mistakes of the past which can be undone easily..but they arent a sufficient reason to stop with trees in the city streets altogether!

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Choice of trees makes a big

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Choice of trees makes a big difference in their sustenance and longetivity..rain trees are mostly imports and fast growing . and the result is that trees get easily up uprooted during winds and rain. Local varieties like honge.. Fig varieties are very good for streets.. Hope better sense prevails!
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What is this sham of the

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What is this sham of the government planting 500000 trees across Bangalore? Are these going to be part of  the CM's bungalow?

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Now TS road trees cut!!

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Eight fullgrown trees were chopped on 11th Main in Jayanagar on Wednesday for a TenderSURE project, raising the hackles of locals and green activist

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Thought the tendersure roads were to spare existing trees..ofcourse they have uprooted young trees on residency road already. But this act is autrocious and needs to be condemned.

They need to now make sure that new trees are plant on TS roads and its easy to grow new trees!

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Just a statemetn

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Planting 500000 sapling is just a statement. Nothing serious about it. chopping trees in the name of developing roads. Govtis in their pocket. They can do what they want. 

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Bye Bye trees on Nrupatunga Rd

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The BBMP has called for tender to chop the 18 trees that are "obstructive to TenderSURE works". The list of trees includes feltoform, mango, gulmohar and raintree, among others. Sadly, Nrupathunga Road has one of the few remaining tree canopies in the Central Business District (CBD). 

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Still there is no hue or cry about planting new trees on TS roads. This is one specific reason these so called pedestrain improvement works is a big failure. If new trees cannot be planted, there is no way pedestrians can use the FP during the day time!

..and Blr will sure loose its identity as the green city!

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Saytrees has planted more

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Saytrees has planted more than 17,000 trees in Bangalore.

Why can't we join them since BDA and BBMP does not believe in tree planting?

It is Mari Gowda's centenary year.

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past debates

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Reference is invited to the debate on street-side trees here too.

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