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TenderSURE - why secretive?

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Yes, its beyond doubt that TenderSURE is one of the best things to happen to Bengaluru..howver what is disconcerting is the veil of secrecy or the lack of information around it..the JUSP site mentions the following:

TENDER S.U.R.E (Specifications for Urban Roads Execution), 2011 : Publication containing guidelines on India's first design, specifications, and procurement contract, for urban roads execution. Tender S.U.R.E. road standards mandate the integration of networked services under the road – water, sewage, power, OFC, gas, and storm water drains. The design of Tender S.U.R.E. roads prioritises the comfort and safety of pedestrians and cyclists, as well as recognizes the needs of street vendors and hawkers. Tender S.U.R.E. also combines street landscape and hardscape aesthetics with practical considerations of user behavioral change. In 2012, the budget allocation by GoK, to implement Tender S.U.R.E for 20 pilot roads was pushed through. Jana Urban Space Foundation has completed design and working drawings for 12 of these roads.


Tried to search for the specification document, but could not find anything on the s

And about public involvement after that is limited to the site which is more of a blank space where almost all critical questions go unanswered.

In the recent incident where questions were raised in the JUSP public meeting, they were all brushed aside. SOme points raised were :

  • Why people were not involved in public consultation
  • who approved 100% cost escalation
  • what happened to hawkers.
  • When ducts run under the road everywhere, why is it under the footpath in Bengaluru
  • Why the BBMP council was not involved

As can be seen, there seems to be low clarity on the details of expensive public resources spent here. Some questions more to add here are 

  • what about new trees to be planted?
  • where is the cycle track assured?
  • what is the juction plans?
  • werent the roads supposed to have white topping?

Hope we get some clarity on all this and hope it does not turn out like the metro which is still out of bounds for public on transparency!



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Any reality check?

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Just curious to know any of "Praja" following the fate errr. progress of this scheme? Eager to know. Thanks in advance.

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we all are mostly at early

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we all are mostly at early levels of involvement..

http://www.ichangemycity.... gives some insights into their working..there is also some on the ground activities..but nothing substantial as yet..

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Not sure TenderSURE

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 a stretch of Richmond Road (General K.S. Thimayya Road), being developed under the project, near Hosmat circle, has six manholes in the middle of the carriageway. Most of the manholes were being refurbished on Friday, disrupting traffic flow.

Unlike other roads that are under TenderSURE, the sewer lines on this stretch have not been replaced or shifted under the pavement, defeating the project’s goal.

more here

What about the costs assocaited with this work in the DPR? will that be returned/not claimed?

Will NAPC/JUSP maintain any road cutting related to this line in the future?

Too many open questions..

Btw hope the road from Lifestyle jn to the flyover is handled better..the sewage line especially near HDFC bank is in a very bad state..always overflowing! comment guidelines

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