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Help - Lets track JNNURM in Karnataka

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Want to get deeper into Praja and beyond discussions? Here is your chance. We are looking for some people to join hands in tracking JNNURM reforms and projects at Karnataka. If you didn't know, JNNURM is a reforms-linked investment scheme to help states on urban infrastructure. States get a big fund to tap into, but with a catch - they must commit to implementing some urban governance reforms.

JNNURM was launched in 2005, and runs till 2012. Already halfway into it now, don't we want to know how our state has been doing on both these counts:

  1. Meeting the commitments on mandatory urban governance reforms
  2. Executing whatever projects have been approved under JNNURM

A lot of information is available online. Some phone calls, a few meetings, and a few RTIs should do the job. We would need a minimum of 4-5 people to help with meetings and RTIs. Everyone else who can't commit to time on weekly basis, but wants to help can help. Just browse sarkaari websites, read newspapers and keep sharing whatever interesting material you find. Just tag those posts with words Karnataka, JNNURM and Praja, that's all.

To get started, here are the key online resources:

  • Start with KUIDFC website: JNNURM section. In here, find things like
    • Urban reforms the state has signed up for
    • MOA and checklists for Bangalore and Mysore
    • Approved Projects under JNNURM.
    • And more
  • Then of course, there is MoUD's JNNURM website: In here, it should be possible to find Karnataka's progress report.

Should we need to file RTIs, KUIDFC and Central Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) would be the first target agencies.

Why should you care, or help in tracking this? Some answers:

  • Primary Reason - Read the urban reforms that JNNURM mandates, and find the sort of stuff we talk about here
  • Karnataka has been slipping on JNNURM, and newspapers don't seem to have the time
  • Chances are that we will hit into some nice geeky information related to urban governance.

Lets see where we go with this. Wish us luck.

PS: Remember, some members who are helping on BIAL-RTI project here are sitting seven seas away from Bangalore. So distance is no hindrance for you to participate in this project.


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Tried to call MoUD

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So to jump right into it, I looked for a phone number on MoUD side, and found it here:

As per that doc, Mr S M Acharya is supposed to be the coordinator of JNNURM for Karnataka.. Phone # 011-23061787. Called the number and got to know Mr Acharya has moved to the defence deptt :) and one Mr R C Mishra may be the coordinator now.

No worries, I will call again next week to ask him how to find progress report for Karnataka on reforms.

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Cricket and JNNURM

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In continuation of the above posts, the latest in Mysore JNNURM is that many well meaning JNNURM projects have been approved, money sanctioned and a number of works are progressing at godspeed due to a highly proactive administrative machinery with active participation from NGOs/Citizens.

In order to improve proper understanding/cooperation/coordination etc., between various stake holders like JNNURM officials, Elected Reps and NGOs/People, a unique sporting event has been proposed to be conducted by our Inimitable Mr.Manivannan, IAS, Dy.Commr & Chief, JNNURM, Mysore for bringing a sense of coordination, participation and bonhomie amongst the stake holders as follows:



Venue: Oval Grounds, Mysore - two semi-finals and one final

Date: Sunday 5th July 2009

Time : 7 AM


- Wishing the stakeholders all the best.  No side bettings please. 

- Media Report: Source:Star of Mysore, 24th June 2009

- Vasanthkumar Mysoremath
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