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Praja web server migration Feb 2009

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This is an announcement on the technical aspects of website. Over this weekend, we will be moving the website to a new web server. To know more and how this affects you as a user, please read further.


What: We are moving the website to a new web server.

Why: We hope that with the new server there will be an improvement in page-loading speed and ability to handle more users simultaneously. Our long time users might have noticed that the page loading times have become slower lately.

When: We aim to start migration late Saturday (28th Feb) evening IST. The move itself might take a couple of hours.

How will I be impacted: For the administrators website migrations are slightly less pleasant than a visit to a dentist but we will try to do our best to keep it as painless as possible for our users. Users might not be able to access the site during the period of migration. If you try to, you will see a message indicating that the site is under maintenance.
After the migration if things go as planned, you would be able to access the site as usual. If there is a problem in the migration, you will still be able to access the site through the old web servr although we might disable posting and commenting temporarily.

What do I need to do? : Nothing mostly. Keep using the site as you usually do unless you receive a maintenance message. 
However, it usually take about 24-48 hours for the server changes to propage throughout the internet. This is the way internet works and there is nothing we can do to expedite this.

Hence, we advice that till about Monday morning, you keep a local copy of your post or a comment when you are writing it. It might accidentally be lost if your computer sees the change midst of your commenting/posting.

How do I know if I am seeing the new host: Since we are moving to a new host that is carbon neutral for its energy needs, we will (at least temporarily) be displaying a green logo at the bottom of the page that looks like this this
Green Web Hosting! This site hosted by DreamHost.

If you are seeing that logo at the bottom of the page, you are seeing the site being served from the new host.
Also we will be updating this post indicating the move was successful.

How do I contact you if I have a problem? : Since we are moving servers, our e-mails will also be affected. We will try to keep the downtime at the minimum. Please drop a mail to admin at praja dot in and if it did not bounce, we will get the mail. However, there may be a delay and we might not be able to answer your mail immediately.

What about... : If you have any more questions, drop a comment below before Saturday evening and we will do our best to help you.

Thanks for your cooperation during this move.
[Update: (00:45 IST 1st March 2009) The site migration is now complete. If you are seeing this, you are seeing the site from the new server. You can continue using the site now as usual. Thanks for your patience. ]
-Praja admin team


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Three cheers to shas3n for handling all this work over the weekend! So, we have more space and more bandwidth now, and things seem faster too.

Time to move on long pending site upgrade works now!

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Seems to have gone well.... appreciate all the effort.

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Thanks for all the hard work guys...

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You certainly deserve our appreciation for all this voluntary but dedicated effort. As they used to say - "nimmanthoru irodlindene, istu maathra male bele aagtha irodu!". Ravi
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Praja Feels Different !

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Great Work - there is a lot of difference now, & navigating through different comments appears to have been "speeded up".

Much faster

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Praja is much faster these days. Congrats Pranav!
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Is the site green?

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    At the outset, let me concede that I am not bothered if the site is green. This post is to let you (administrators) know of an anomaly I first noticed a few days ago.

    At the bottom of each page, there is a picture which reads "This site is GREEN". When I click on the picture, the page that opens up says that " IS NOT green! " in a very large font. But then, it also adds that the site may be green in a tiny font, just like the conditions applicable on a newspaper ad offering great deals!!
    Request you fix the anomaly, if you deem this important enough.

-Srivatsava V

-Srivatsava V

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Is it an anomali?

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It may not be. Seeing the green sign reminds us that the Feb migration of Praja Site is complete and we are using the new version.

However I thought Is it that Praja has found a new sponsor? It Looked like Dream host has hosted praja web site. Any way it is a matter of detail known to admin.


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thanks for pointing out

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Thanks Srivatsava for pointing out that odd bit. As Ananthram sir said above, we were using that image more as an "aid" during our migration late last month. Since that is done, we'd better remove the site footer image.

Clicking onthe image showd "NOT green" due to some misconfiguration. Anyway. comment guidelines

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