BMTC Conveys its thanks to all the Praja Community for Bus Day Support!

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Came across the news release from BMTC thanking all the patrons who have supported their Bus Day campaign.

A special mention is there for Praja and all the members who have been supporting right from day one. The release says


BMTC thanks all citizens who travelled by Bus!
BMTC is grateful to the below individuals/ associations/ companies for making Bus day a success!........."
"...... * Praja - Online Youth Activist Portal: Special Thanks to Syed, Pranav, Jenny, Narayan, Vinod, Srivatsava, Bharath, Manjhari and all the other members who helped BMTC behind the scenes...."

 "........Congratulations once again to the:
a) Teams who went to all these corridors to promote bus day and engage with the citizens
b) BMTC Drivers, Conductors and Staff for successfully supporting Bus Day operations  ...."

This release is available here




June Bus Day

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Any news of June Bus Day?