Bellandur Lake - Current Status and way forward

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Puttenahalli Neighborhood Lake Improvement Trust PNLIT people were contacted as suggested by Naveen_blr sir. I could get some good incite towards a likely way forward.

There are four trusties in the very first batch of trusties of PNLIT [2]. I could contact three of them except Mr. OP Ramaswamy so far. I got very encouraging responses from all 3 without exception. I gather that there are several other individuals in the city who are interested in the upkeep and preservation of different lakes in Bangalore.

Mr. BV Satish chief Engineer BBMP was contacted by Mr. Prasanna K Vynatheya, one of the trusties of PNLIT above. A reply from Mr. Satish suggests that a draft project report has been submitted to Lake Development Authority for approval. However they have referred suspected encroachment issue to BDA. Mr. Nanjappa Superintend Engineer BDA is the concerned official. He confirmed that Encroachment survey is in progress. Each Survey Number is being verified to fix the outline on ground known as “Akar Bandh”.

Tender estimates for the remaining fencing are ready. However encroachment litigations may prove to be formidable road blocks I suppose.

The way forward is to form a trust for taking up the B Lake development project before approching the governament.


Puttenahalli Neighborhood Lake Improvement Trust PNLIT

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Trusties of PNLIT are:-

  1. Arati Mane - Market researcher
  2. Usha Rajgopalan - Writer
  3. Prasanna K Vanatheya - IT engineer software product developer
  4. Ramaswamy OP – is a Charted Engineer and the Treasure

They have been entrusted with the maintenance, upkeep and development of the lake for three years by the BBMP.

Forming and registering a trust is not a too difficult task, I was told. It may be worth while to consider registering Praja as a trust. If not, we could perhaps think of other alternatives. Praja may like to deliberate on the issue.

Dumping of construction waste near Bellandur lake

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Recently, several trucks with construction wastes dumping near the Belandur lake, behind Suncity area. These may be carried carried from the new Sobha develoers or Embassy Pristine project coming up nearby. The dumping activites are done during the midnights (11 am to 5 am) and it seems illegal. Also, it seems the owner of the land near the lake has given permission to dump the waste in his land. This has started causing numerous issues to the Sobha residents nearby.