Dismal Town planning and the Bellandur lake.

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The 60th National Town and Country Planners Congress on “Planning and Development, 2025: is currently on at Mysore.

Unscientific constructions and rapid urbanization has changed the face of Bengaluru—once considered a people’s paradise— for the worse, he said. Speaking at the 60th National Town and Country Planners Congress on “Planning and Development, 2025: Challenges and Reforms”, Mr. Bhardwaj singled out the capital and expressed dismay over the fact that statutory bodies like Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) has failed to check unplanned urbanization. Builders have encroached upon all water bodies. Sanitation facilities have been damaged beyond repair while the roads are in a permanently dug-up state.

This is how the governor criticized the non congress government. We in praja cannot but agree with the Governor. May be we can meet the governor for the cause of Bellandur lake. It is necessary to stop sewage water flowing into the Balladur lake all the 365 days of the year.

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way forward..

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A T Ramaswamy-led JLC report which talked about land grabbing and encroachment, it suggested various things to the govt. but nothing was acted upon.

Balasubramanian report also was sidelined..probably because these looked at bangalore as a whole and recorded everthing..

more here

It would be interesting to get access to these reports and check on what exactly they talk about Bellanduru lake area..

This along with a possible RTI should give us the details of land handling around the lake..



google earth gives shocking history..

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was checking on google earth today and found some alarmin differences..

Here is a 2005 image of bellandur lake:

You can clearly see the raja kaluve connecting Varthur lake with Bellandur Lake which is on the right (outer ring road side)..with almost no construction..but the The 2010 mage below has way too much construction on the lake bed..

The red arrow indicates the choking of the raja kaluve connecting varthur lake with bellandur..there are other constructions going on there which is doing a lot of harm to the lake..

The yellow arrow indicates houses & appartments constructed very close to the lake front..these are all surely on lake bed/bund..its encroachment galore there..

this needs to get stopped immediately..

Google earth has pics dating

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Google earth has pics dating back only till 2000 & while the built up area has increased visibly around the lake, has the total official area of the lake decreased?

The size of the lake(water

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The size of the lake(water body) is more or less the same since 2000..it was covered with weeds in 2004-05 types..

However we need to look at not just the water body, but also take into consideration the whole ecology of the space around it..as this is as important to keep the lake alive..

For example the wetlands around that area is home for many migratory birds..also amidst the insane growth around these green pockets will surely provide the much needed lung space..

As pointed out on the right of the image, with the red arrow, this was completely wet lands earlier..which has been encroached now..and this needs to stop asap!

We can contact the below,

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