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Concrete solution for Blr craters

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The notorious potholes (craters) are back with a bang after the rains and all major and minor roads are full of it to the extent that we need to search for those short stretches of decent roads left.


So one thing is coming up clear again and again is that the asphalt is permeable and this is what makes it unstable .

BBMP has spent a massive 18,000 crores on Bangalore roads in the last 10 years.

All this for what we are going through now? Here is a very good recent article in DH, where Ravichander explains and analysis the problem.

Tendersure programme has about 200 crores allocated by the last govt itself, but there seems to be no will what so ever with the authorities and the govt to implement the pilot. This is because of the the fear the above mentioned 18,000 crores kind of cash cow will die if implemented!

White topping has turned out to be a failure on the madivala Hosur road stretch. This was probably cos it was not done properly. So guess what is needed is proper concrete roads with all the underlying infra issues sorted on the likes of what is described in TenderSure.

When MLA Raghu started the Suranjan das road widening project with lot of pomp..I really did not have any hope that they would do any good. The work has been slow because of multi agency interactions, initially BWSSB replaced their pipes and so did other utility folks. Now they have started to lay the actual road(final topping) and should say its coming out good. Here is a pic I took today of the work:

The work is coming out well..I just checked that the old road was about 6 inch thick concrete and the new road is 9 inch.

Quite impressive.

So its not that we cannot do it..there seems to be will lacking to fix issues permanently.

I will enquire about the cost the road laying on Suranjan Das road soon..hope our CM will listen and act on it for greater good!




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tenderSURE can be done at all?

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The govt yet again has restarted on the TenderSURE program..wonde if it will ever get the work started on the the reporter ends with a refrain

    In the past, this project had seen a lack of coordination among various stakeholders like BBMP, BWSSB and Bescom in redoing the maze of utilities beneath the roads.

more here

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Lack of coordination

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Under the guidance of Mr. Raghu (MLA), the 13th Main (HAL II Stage) bet 100ft and 80 ft. roads is being provided with Pedestrian walk ways (foot paths). In spite of the Citizens Association insisting that the obstructions like trees, lamp posts etc. shoul be remove first, BBMP went ahead to lay the foot paths without fulfilling the pre-conditions. They have almost completed the laying on the North side. But at many places the pedestrians have to jump on to the traffic way endangering themselves and the rash vehicles. Who is to solve such lack of coordination?

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