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Solar power - rooftop, grid-connect, community grid, 3 diff things

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Sanjay and IDS are already at it on another post (Solar - connected to Grid). Sorry guys, keep it on there, but I thought a primer on slightly varying type of talks on the subject may help. There seems to be a need for incentives, policy push and awareness on these three types of scenarios. These are from citizens (retail consumers of power) perspective.

Scenario #1 - Rooftop Solar, standalone individual use

Simplest of asks here. What all to buy to go solar power for my domestic needs? Is it possible at all to go BESCOM/Grid free? Likely answer is no, but what all I will not be able to run on solar - water pump, water heater? Will the system automatically take extra power from BESCOM/grid when the load is high? What subsidies are available, and who would provide them? BESCOM, KPCL or KREDL, or some other agency? Will I have to claim subsidy separately (deal with govt again, bribes!?), or will this be given to me at source (from the manufacturer where I would buy solar equipment)? Also, I already have a UPS system with batteries, will I be able to reuse them?

People in urban areas who would buy UPS may give Solar solutions a close look if above information is easily available. People in rural areas who don't mind paying a bit extra to get 24x7 power would also be in audience for these questions. These folks may not do it for cost saving reasons, but are important early adopters.

Scenario #2 - Rooftop solar, sell to BESCOM/Grid

Add to above the concept of feeding surplus power to the grid. How much can I save on my electricity bill? Would I have to buy extra equipment to feed back to the grid? If yes, then how much extra cost? If I am connected to the grid, will I still need batteries? Does feeding to the grid get me extra subsidies?

People who may see Solar for cost reasons would be interested in these questions.

Scenario #3 - Rooftop solar, join a community grid

Take Scenario #1. Add to that the possibility of pooling surplus power through a ultra-local community grid. With such pooling, will my community be able to save money on running DG Sets? Will my community still need DG Sets? Will there be extra subsidy for the community if we pool and go solar, and sell power together to the grid?

This is for Urban areas, apartment/housing communities. It may be easier to install panels on the roof of apartment buildings, and then share solar power. For many apartment communities, standalone rooftop may not be the option at all. If Community Pooling Solar can be comparable in costs to buying and operating DG sets, this could be the way to spark mass-adoption of Solar.

Any more scenarios!? Idea is to separate these by audience or need.


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Solar - cost effective or not?

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Masses will consider Solar only if that question is answered simple and straight. But there may be enough people willing to give it a try, to either go green, or get reliable uninterrupted power. After all, people pay 30-40K for UPS. 3x more, and Solar, I bet there are guys in Bangalore willing to do that to go green, or richer people in rural areas (very few, but there are such folks) who would pay 2 lakhs to get regular power. comment guidelines

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