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Metro Launch - monumental waste of money.

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I came accross this article in the Hindu today

I really dont understand why they cannot spend the 2.5 crores on fixing up the roads and footpaths along the way. 1.5 crores is simply for publicity of the event which I am sure everyone in Bangalore knows about in any case. Instead they just want to makes this in to a political event - making it out to be a success of the current government perhaps - though any government in power had very little to do with it - except for siphoning out funds.

This money is better spent on making other aspects of the metro better.



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why paid publicity?

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Arent everyone in Bangalore troubled by the metro work? When there is relief from the pain..every one knows automatically..there is no need for any advertising!!

Dont know what is the reason so much is being spent on just shows that BMRCL is slosh with funds and have no control on their spendings as they fall under no ones purview!

Its almost like a monster has been created!!

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Newspapers insulted?

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I am surprised the newspapers arent insulted by his remarks on paid news. I guess they have decided a thick skin is worth the money he throws at them.

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Metro inauguration

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Sorry, I differ. Celebration of an achievement is not a bad thing. The positive feeling and energy from the celebration will be a huge benefit, though it cannot be quantified. Don't we celebrate personal successes or successes in our work places? Then why grudge the same against BMRCL or the state govt? Agreed that the present state govt or the CM may not have contributed much for this but then there will be free loaders in any party !
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will media miss out on it?

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WIll the press give any less coverage than front page or will the event get any less attention in the media if they are not paid?

However its statements like below which makes it worse..

..when questioned by Deccan Herald as to why such a massive allocation, Sivasailam, categorically stated: “Report this as I say it: Of the Rs 2.5 crore, Rs 1.5 crore will be paid to you people (media).”

Sivasailam refused to clarify or elaborate on his statement. But when asked again, he shot back: “Can you print this? Do you want to take back the uncomfortable question after knowing this answer?”

more here

The information dept of the state will anyway surely run full page ads in all papers and will make sure the event gets adequate attention..why should BMRCL do it spending so much?

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Who are you to ask me?

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As a newspaper group, you are not entitled to ask me this question. Next time you do so, I will take up the matter with  the Press Council of India. Who are you to ask me? Just because you introduced yourself as a journalist, I cannot answer you.

Reacting to Sivasailam’s reply, P R Ramesh said he was not at all surprised given the contemptible functioning of the BMRCL.

 “When they have the guts to defy the KIC order, they can also challenge the authority of any Constitutional body. They are behaving as if they are law unto themselves,” said an aggrieved Ramesh.

More here


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arrogance personified

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This is of a piece with the almost contemptuous way he has been treating the SWR lot - more specifically Mr Sudhanshu Mani - resulting in the Metro work getting stalled here and there, and then the CM and others having to plead with the bosses in Delhi to sort things out. Any bureaucrat who is this arrogant generally has to have a godfather in the political echelons - wonder who his is.

On a comparison, an earlier MD, Mr Srivastava, was a thorough gentleman. I recall the patience with which he fielded the volley of questions from the almost unruly lot of CMH road shop-keepers at a gathering at the Indiranagar club. He very much seemed to believe in transparency. Unfortunately, he was shunted out by the then CM, Mr H D Kumaraswamy, apparently for not involving him in the release of the Namma Railu logo. Obviously, he didn't have a godfather; or, even if he had one, he was not the right kind.

Muralidhar Rao
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I suppose you mean Namma

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I suppose you mean Namma Metro logo - one can only hope Namma Railu can create such an interest ! comment guidelines

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