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SWR and Local Trains

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It seems like finally things are moving in the direction of using the existing railway tracks around Bangalore. The SWR seems to have a proposal to introduce a commuter rail system, once their electricification of the tracks is completed. This could be a really great thing. I hope it goes through

``Bangaloreans could soon board a local train, a la Mumbaikar, to commute in the city. The Railways plans to introduce Mainline Electric Multiple Unit (MEMU) train services like those in Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai. South Western Railways (SWR), Bangalore division plans to run the MEMU train services in and around the city. “If everything goes on the right track, then by 2011 Bangaloreans may get the local train service. The proposal is now pending before the Railway Board.''

Full article below --

Let's keep our finger's crossed.




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Why two more years?

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 Well question that rises is why two more years? We don't know what will happen in 2 years. Why not something to start with.

Railways is saying there is no electrification till Yeshwantpur and on the Salem Line. Why not they can run in the route which is already electrified between Kengeri and Whitefield. It makes the life of many techies working in Whitefield lot more comfortable like that of me. My daily travel in morning is 1 hr 30 minutes best case and 2 hours usual case, rainy days 2 hrs 30 minutes. In the evening, 2 hours minimum daily. If a train is started from Kengeri to Whitefield, I can travel between Nayandahalli to KR Puram in around 45 minutes max . It takes 10 mins to Nayandahalli Station from home and 10 minutes from KR Puram station to office at Doddenakundi.

State Government can push this.


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SWR and Local Trains

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Our Tax money is spent on  Roads & Bridges & not starting the Local Train. How come Railway also can not spend even 10 Crore to start this facility. Why they are thinking only its required during morning or evening hrs, there plenty of passenger traffic even during other time also.   Its  basically  not to give facilty to  Garden city ( may some vested persons in railway ).  Look at the Duronto express started in a just one month of announcement. It gives clear indication  that we need to file Public Interest Litigation in High Court so that both State Govt. & Railway will come forward. 

I  Feel that due to METR O facility ( mostly imported material helping some Europe company & some bribe also ) and  threat to standar Gauge used for MTERO  from Broad gauge. These may be reason not to start the Local trains.  As local trains will use mostly local content, so their will not be any bribe involved.

we can start the Local trains from  1) Bidadi to
Yelahanka 2) Bidadi to HAL
3) Kengeri to Whitefield 4) Bidadi to Devanhalli
5) Bidadi to Gol Halli 6) Gol Halli to HAL
7) Devanhalli to Whitefield / Electronic City
8) Dodaballapur to Whitefield
9) Gol Halli to Whitefield
10) Cantonment to Devanhalli

Also now track has been put in place till Nelamangala also. Some 33 KM electrification is done. We have BEML, BHEL, Wheel & Axle Plant, ABB to support the train services in Bangalore itself. We will be going thru the hardship of the Metro rail construction activities which will disturb the already congested roads in Bangalore . These local train service will help in overcoming these traffic problems of Bangalore .
This local train services will run parallel as done in Delhi Kolkotta & Mumbai
These aspects to will help immediately Bangalore city to over come the Traffic problems currently facing.Also this will help in bringing down the disturbance during proposed Metro Rail & other construction of Flyovers which are going in Bngalore currently.
We hope our Union Minister of State for Railways will gift this one to Bangalore City.  We think even Public & Industries will donate amount to start this local trains which will be of very much low cost & with short time, services can be started. Similar to AC Local trains in Mumbai ( will be starting shortly ) we can think of introducing in the same line at Bangalore.

Kindly drop the HSRL as this is not in the interest of the Public ( for International airport project cost : 1500 Crs, we may end up spening another 8000 Crs to create rail link, that means we created Airport so that HSRL can be of business oppurtintiy for some MNC's )

If HSRL is only for Airport link, then think of Hebbal, Meckri Circle, Sahakarnagar, Yelahanka, Devanhalli,  how about these destinations ???  Then some one will come out with one more solutions for the next problem.

Sir, kinldy raise the issue in Parliment & get the local train for Bangalore city to Keep the city Green & less poluted.




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Petition to Minister of Railways Mr Muniyappa

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Can we take up the issue with Minister of Railways Mr Muniyappa, he has shown keen interest in few of the railway works and as been making visits in and around Bangalore, I feel if we can get in touch with him and see as a last ditch effort to start atleast few of the local train services as suggested above. Even if they run the Rail buses being built by BEML would be a good starting point.
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Petition to Minister of Railways Mr Muniyappa

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We should take up this issue with Petition to Minister of Railways Mr Muniyappa. We request PRAJA to take this forward to Minister of Railways Mr Muniyappa.

We will all support to get the Local Trains starting.  This will help in reducing road congestion, pollution, cost of travel will be low even compared to BMTC, no comparision to METRO rail.  As city is expanding its limits upto Dodaballapur, Devanahhali, Hosur, Bidadi, Nelamanagala, Malur,  one can not expect METRO Train will be provided to these points

Solution is to start the Local Train as early as possible to utilise the existing SWR track.

Even if its required to donate money for this cause,  Bangalore citizens will be very happy to it, we can work for this if  State Govt or Railway Minister is not able to allocate the Fundst to start the Local trains.

Kindly do the Petition to Railway Minister & as well as to Chief Minister of Karnataka with Transport Minister. If things are not moving, then we should file PIL in High court of Karnataka. We will support on this & we can not allow things to go like this.
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