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Waste Management and Road Pot Holes Legislation


House hold waste management is an important issue in present day cities like our own Bangalore.

Plastics invention was more of a bane than anything else, as it is not bio degradable. Its use and throw concept is thus environment unfriendly. Plastics were waiting to happen after Dhirubhai Ambany reliance “terilene”.  

Proportional Electoral System Pros and cons


The meet started shortly after 10AM at the senate hall of the prestigious Bangalore central collage premises. The organizers were seen giving final touches to the Auditorium when we entered the Auditorium at 10AM. That was when we saw the session chairman a Swami being ushered in by the reception committee.  

Ward Committee and Area Sabha meet at SCM house June 15, 2013


The hall was full with a mix of young and not so young senior citizens. We could see many members of "AAm Admi". Initially there were three occupants on the dais. Ramesh the former Mayer. The current mayor joined later.



A New CPWD Project at Domlur Fly over, Bangalore.

Urban Development

The Indian Central Public works Department CPWD [1]; Ministry of Urban Development at New Delhi is currently headed by its Director General Mr. VK Gupta.

Effective handling of storm water



Effective handling of storm water requires good roads without dirt. Normal dirt can be

Mammoth bungling BBMP style

Everything else


BBMP seems to be bereft of all hopes measuring up to its calling. They outsource the work of salary disbursing to Keonics without crediting any funds.

Designing Storm Water drains a report


The event "Designing Storm water Drains" was attended by 4 of us, all residents of Indira nagar area in general.

1.     Self

2.     Pathy ,

Unlimited cheap, clean, safe and commercial energy from atomic fusion


Our Sun is the lone star in our solar system. Sun is virtually a fusion bomb fusing hydrogen into helium to produce white light. It thus contains mostly helium. However other heavier molecules of oxygen and even Iron are supposed to exist there in the solar region.  Click - 1

Refurbishing storm water drains [SWD] HAL III stage area

Currently furious SWD refurbishing activity is going on in HAL III stage area.  It consists mainly of providing uniform RCC slab covers at suitable height in relation to that of the road center. 


Third CCRWA grievance meeting - Defense Colony, Indira Nagar. A report

This 3rd grievance meeting of CCRWA for Defense colony [DECORA] Indira nagar was held on Wednesday the 27th Mach 2013 at 16:30 hrs. Residents of other nearby RWAs also attended. From BBMP side John the Executive engineer and his team were present. This included Horticulture and sanitary departments.

Mobilicity - CiSTUP Foundation Day event on March 6, 2013 - my report

Prof J Satya Saikumar started the event by inviting Prof TG Sitaram and Smt V Manjula to the Dias. Smt Manjula 1987 IAS batch is currently the Commissioner at DULT.

Life of Piscine Molitor brings an Oscars for the Bangalore boy Vibhish Shivakumar

India is often perceived as a land of magical or spiritual powers. In India the existence of individual spirits as separate from the physical bodies is an accepted belief. Though highly unscientific bereft of any evidence it is deep rooted in the Indian psyche.

Illegal convoy cars use by Yeddyurappa

A front page Bangalore Mirror report of 22nd Feb 2013 about Yeddyurappa reveals that he still manages to enjoy government convoy cars for which he was eligible only as a CM, This too along with government drivers, maintenance and fuel!

Freedom park power brake-fast Event - RWAs and Apartments

Urban Development

Kalpana Kar a member of Bangalore Agenda Task Force [BATF] of the Karnataka Government was in charge of the power break fast meet to day.

Plans for a week long programme on Waste Management [WM] at Freedom Park


All Stake holders meet was held at freedom Park on Saturday, February 02, 2013, to discuss WM for the city. It started at 15:00 hrs at the ground level convention hall. The slogan was

“Wake up clean up”

I hope this applies to both the citizens as well as the city Fathers. The panelists on the Dias included 

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