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Designing Storm Water Drains

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14 May 2013 10:00
14 May 2013 11:00

Currently the 9th main in HAL 3rd stage, Bangalore is witnessing SWD refurbihing and foot path tiling activity. The space between the SWD and tared portion of the road is being tiled.

The Electric poles carry exposed live wires at hazardous tree levels. Trimming of trees is required on an yearly basis. The selection of trees planted are far from satisfactory. New Telephone connections require constant meddling of the roads.

This event is for starting a contnueing dialog with BBMP, elected reps and the public for better of road standards, for the city as a whole.

The SWD design will be the main agenda for the day.

Venue:- Gandhi Park, 9th main HAL III Stage, Bangalore 560075

                 [In front of # 1669 - Asha Kiran Stone house]


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SWD Design- Event

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Dear Mr. Anantram,

The venue is not given. Who are all invited?

I will join.


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The ward 58 Assistant engineer will be present

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Mr. G Ravindranath ward 58-AE from BBMP has kindly agreed to be present and interact with us.

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Court need to work on behalf of BBMP.

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Thanks to citizens who cooperated with BBMP for clearing

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