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Auto Rickshaw service in Bangalore city

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Dear Sir, we citizens at Bangalore do not get proper service from auto rickshaw. Here are the list of complaints.

1. Most of the auto rickshaw drivers simply denies to come at our destination place.

2. If someone agree, they will demand lump-sum amount. That amount is much more than actual charges as per meter.

3. Sometime they agree to come with meter + Rs. 20 extra. We need to bargain for that extra amount. They may agree for meter + Rs. 10 extra.

4. They may even ask for 1.5 times meter during day time.

5. They always argues, we will not get any passenger from that place. So we are supposed to pay them extra money. Even if you ask them to go some place, there they can easily get passenger. 

6. Yesterday afternoon we tried at two auto-rickshaw stands one near Kundanhalli Signal, another above Marahathahalli under bridge. None of them was ready to come as per meter charges to RamMurthi Nagar. We had to pay Rs. 120 while we estimate meter charges will be hardly about Rs. 70 to 90

7. Rarely someone agree to come, with charges as per meter. There is no guarantee that their meter are perfect. Once we noticed, even before we completed 1 Km journey, its meter start increasing from Rs. 17

8. We get even worse response at night time and during rain.

I am wondering, if none of the auto rickshaw drive want to follow meter charges, then why we have meter. Why government increase charge from Rs. 14 to Rs. 17 per 2 Km. Is government, BBMP aware about this? What may be the reason, no one is taking action against such widely spread demanding of money from auto drivers?

You can also inquire randomly at some auto rickshaw stands and verify the facts, that I mentioned here. I request authorities to inquire them, at which destination, they are ready to come as per meter charges? You should take necessary actions against them, who demands Rs. 10, Rs20 extra or asking for 1.5 times meter charges, illigally.

Expecting better auto rickshaw services in Banglaore city.

Thanks and Regards

Manish Panchmatia


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40 thousand more autos coming in Bangalore

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 Just when authorities have shifted gears to get the Namma Metro going, the transport department has approved a whopping 40,000  new auto permits. At present, the city has 80,000 permits. But, with Reach I of Metro estimated to carry 30,000 passengers per day and BMTC making plans for a parallel feeder route, questions are being raised about the suitability of the move and if the automobile lobby had something to do with it. 

Will it help Manish? 

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I think its automafia or some political benefit

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Government knowing all about these stuff, still they are doing nothing.

They have launched various helplines, but as I heard, they are not listened properly. I agree many people don't bother about auto harrassment much to complain about it, and those who complain about it, they get bullied by the auto driver itself, you try saying auto person that you will write his number or complain about him, then see his behaviour, either he starts using abusive language and rude behaviour, and threaten you, and in case you start writing his number while stepping down, then be ready to face his more abuses, threaten and probably molestation too. These facts can be verified from the newspapers, as everyday you would find one such incident. And unluckily if you found to be a non-kannadiga guy, then he would make local-non-local issue and gather public around and again you are in a mess. Now, you are in bigger danger, how to cope up with all these?

And then we say again and again about Public Tranport, use Public Transport, save trees etc etc, but that's not possible untill we get a trouble free last mile connectivity. Common man has already suffered the price rise in that auto fare and they are not complaining about it, they just want to get the service in that prescribed rates, whatever being decided by government. Is authority listening?

And to tell another thing, installing helpline or complain-board is not going to help, they are just the means to please public temporarily. For the long term solutions, they need to catch the culprit auto-vehicles red-handed, may be by acting as a passenger in civil dress. Authorities need to send a tough message to whole auto-community and auto-union that, since goverment is also listening to their demands, but now its also their turn to give that basic service they are on the roads for. Otherwise all new permits or their demands are of no use.

Authorities can easily try to catch them by being at various auto-stands or various palces after taking people's survery that these are the major problem areas where auto people doesn't want to go on meter rate at all or like that.

The end of the story is - We need to fix this asap, without which we cannot  maximise Public Transport Usage, we cannot get people out of their cars etc to board buses when for their last mile connectivity, they have such huge tensions everyday dealing with autos, and those who working late specially ladies, they don't seem to have much options.


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Exclusive RTO for autos soon

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In a move aimed at cracking the whip on erring autorickshaw drivers, the State has sanctioned the creation of an exclusive regional transport office (RTO) for autorickshaws in the City.

More details below

Would like to know how they propose eliminate the illegal auto's and do they have any number to suggest about any of their acheivements till now.

“With the pace at which the department is working to eliminate illegal autos, the City will need new ones to cater to the demand. Thereby, we decided to allow more autos on the roads,” a senior officer said:



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Government Inaction

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 Deepak following issues described above, are well known. 

  • Help lines utility
  • Bullish Auto drivers
  • Noting Drivers Details
  • Female commuters
  • Local vs Migrant issue
  • Last mile connectivity
  • Prompt / tough action by authorities
  • Conducting Surveys
  • Public Transport usage in place of car 

Noting Drivers details should not be a problem as these are supposed to be displayed along with driver’s photo and name in side the commuter seat enclosure behind the driver. One can easily note them. In case this notice is missing, complaint needs to be registered at a police station.

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Issues well know, then why no fix?

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That's what the problem is, issues are well known but no progress at all to fix them.

I know noting down the details is easy, but as I told above, its not as easy if the driver take an offense, and there only bullying or molestation come into my post above, we read all these in newspapers.

That's why I suggested the same to be done by a few inspectors in civil dress to catch them red-handed and punish at the spot, thus giving a strong message.


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most retrograde step

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I have already elaborated on the matter earlier - here.

The made for each other two-some of the Transport minister and his Commissioner will go down in history as having contributed considerably to the damages caused to the city.

Muralidhar Rao
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Minibuses as feeders or lastmiles are better than autos. BMTC should buy minibuses which drivers alone can manage without need of employing conductors, or let private parties buy and operate minibuses.

Those who advocate free market for private transport should also support deregulation of auto "permits". Why increase from 80k to 125k, instead fix no cap and let free market decide how many autos bangalore needs.

Moreover new autos will be single glass front windsheild for safety, 4 stroke and more fuel efficiency, thus will make more profit than older 2 stroke autos despite capital costs. Maybe older autos will shift to smaller cities where pollution is far less.

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Why increase from 80k to

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Why increase from 80k to 125k, instead fix no cap and let free market decide how many autos bangalore needs.

Very well said. Open it up but ban them from corridor/arterial roads. Start with banning them on Big 10, Big & Small Circle routes. They can cut across corridors but cant travel in them. They have to choose alternate & parellel routes and go thru residential layouts. They are, by design, unsafe for speeds of 40kmph & beyond

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Many autos are just parked in auto stands (may be around 25%) and these autos are not for hiring.  This is one reason for shortage of autos.  Some autos will come out only during particular hours (during afternoon to evening or during night or during morning and so on.  These may be around 10 to 15%).  So net avaiability of autos is about 60% of permitted autos.

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not 'free for all'

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"Free market" does not mean a "free for all". There has always to be proper regulation, which is where the government comes in - check this.

Perhaps it's time PRAJA too regulated postings by persons making inane comments repeatedly.

Muralidhar Rao
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Feeder Buses

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It was reported that BMTC had planned to start feeder services to Metro stations.

Now that the starting of Metro is delayed by a few months, the buses being kept ready by BMTC may be deployed for feeder services to the Railway stations where these are badly needed.


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  EXPERTS Bus services

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Bus services should be direction-oriented and feeder services opened to private players. The Big 10 is an excellent example of the success of direction-oriented service. However, the problem with this is there is no linkage to other services. Hence, feeder services should be linked to direction-oriented services. In the existing bus services, it is impossible to keep track of bus numbers as there are 3,000 routes. What BMTC needs to do is provide linkages to direction-oriented buses.

Muralidhar Rao | traffic expert who blogs on civic issues


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Bus services

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Coming to the auto issue.

Well, as commented earlier by many, it is a mafia and a deal b/w politics.

Next, regarding the BMTC. I'd say BMTC has become the worst service provider. They are just thinking how to rob the public money. I understand many oppose my words, but without knowing the real situation of the BMTC none agrre to me. 

Direction Oriented Services.

Is direction oriented service a New one or already it existed???

It was already existed routes. 

How far it has been helpful to the public??? 

It has made the passengers to change buses atleast 3 times. It has been helpful to the people residing on those respective corridors. 

Big 10 is not a direction oriented service but corridor service.

Direction has a different meaning totally.

Coming back to the AUTO issue.

1) Zoning of Autos. 

2) Celebrate "No Auto day" twice a month and increase the days if still public are harrased.

3) Why the ABIDE and PRAJA are not interferring in the issue.???

4) Let the Govt sanction permits for autos. The final users are WE. So, lets stop using auto's who demand extra.

5) Bring about a No More Auto Permit Movement.  

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  Stay on additional 40,000

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Stay on additional 40,000 autos on city streets

The petitioners contended that there were already 80,000 autorickshwas plying in the city and the city was already very congested with heavy traffic. Without proper infrastructure, if another 40,000 autorickshaws are allowed, it would tale their number to around 1.25 lakh, the petitioners said.

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Stay on Additional 40,000 Autos.

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Wish the stay is not vacated.  Government should plan to introduce more number of mini buses instead of increasing the number of autos and add congestion on busy Roads.


R V Raja Rao



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poor bmtc

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As per recent newspaper report, BMTC did not buy as many buses this year, JNNURM sanction was less this year. We can stop hoping bmtc would buy new minibuses. So better if they vacate stay as Unions also supporting govt in this issue and some individual auto drivers filed this case in High Court.

But i always advocated private minibuses should be allowed for public transport, with regulation with licences. Same time i oppose allowing private parties to run big buses as that would be risking pedestrian and two wheeler safety like what happened with delhi bluelines. comment guidelines

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