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Not more auto's; instead, good shuttle bus services please!

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The transport department and traffic police are mulling over reforms that could scale up the number of autorickshaws in the city from about 80,000 to 95,000. Simukltaneously, however, the Transport commissioner, Bhaskar Rao, himself states “The system has many anti-social elements. The common man is a victim. Currently, there’s no clear documentation to distinguish between drivers and owners - it’s difficult to catch them by issuing challans against auto drivers as most addresses provided by them are fake".

For the full report in the ToI, click here.

So, for the small perceived benefit of greater supply to meet the increased demand, which itself is questionable, they want to let loose more of the 'anti-social' elements onto the citizens?

As a participant at the event pointed out, auto as a passenger transport vehicle belongs to the past century, and it's time a modernising city like Bangalore said good-bye to it. Enough has been said on the subject by Bangaloreans here, as also here (apart from more), including on the matter of the criminal nexus involved.

And, very much as RWA member, Mr N Mukunda, pointed out "With so many more autos traffic congestion could only get worse, not to forget the adverse impact on the environment. Not only will more autos lead to more congestion, it will also lead to more competition among auto drivers. Instead, we should look at other alternatives of public transport like a private player to take on BMTC".

Now, the Total Mall on Sarjapur road is operating a free shuttle service for its customers according to a published time schedule - check this. This very clearly indicates that the costs involved are very much mangeable if run efficiently, well within the capabilities of the organised private sector. In fact, a model is discussed here, which essentially caters to the demand which is currently not met by BMTC, and besides does not interest them. But, they and other vested interests involved do not want to let go their monopoly status, even when it is costing the city and the citizens dear. So, what is needed now is for the citizens to raise the demand to end this monopoly - join in the effort here.

Muralidhar Rao


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 Their logic is simple,

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 Their logic is simple, though debatable: you’ll have 15,000 more autos to choose from and thereby reduce your chances of being harassed by auto drivers

Nonsense, what 80K autos couldnt offer 15K more will solve? Also Autos can never be last mile none of the autos take short distance fare without doubling or tripling the minimum. The more distance they go the better their tampered meters will increase their margins. This is just the auto lobby at work. Autos are from a different generation and they served well but sad to say we are going the wrong way with these licenses. Autos are underpowered and extremely noise/air polluting and are not able to go beyond 40kmph without braking becoming unsafe. Why not move them all to Revas instead? Transport dept can tie up with financing companies and do a low interest loan

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There was some conversation

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There was some conversation some time ago when R. Ashok said something about Nano Taxis - which was immediately withdrawn as this seemed to suggest favouritism towards one particular company. Perhaps once the other companies start making cheap cars this will be a viable option.

Frankly I hold Rahul Bajaj responsible for making money at the cost of the peace and sanity of billions of Indians. Its not like I have anything agains the concept of autos - but the fact there there has been essentially no technological development in the autos in the last 50 years is unforgivable. The same body could have been fitted with an electric engine - or at least a quieter one.

IDS is right when he says that this would not serve the purpose of last mile connectivity as autos are not willing to go short distances.

The shuttle idea is a good one - let us see if it works. Its easy to implement someting like this in Mall-eswaram - connecting the various malls which have cropped up with the bus stand. Down Sampige  to18th Cross and then  Yeswantpur - then up Chord road to the new mall and 17th Cross to 11th Main and then down 11th Main to Sampige for example. It would also greatly benefit the many residents of Malleswaram who work in IISc, for example. Perhaps instead of trying to convince BBMP one could try and convince the Mall owners themselves to start such a service. I guess this would work if the Total Mall experiment proves successful.




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Autos need to be phased out

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Flooding the market with autos to provide more competition & force them to scale down their unreasonable demands from customers might sound logical in theory, but I doubt if it'll work as intended since their union will only grow stronger & more powerful. The minimum here is already Rs.17/- which is already the highest in the country.

l also think auto-rickshaws need to be phased out step by step, starting with banning them from the CBDs first, since they are uncomfortable & polluting. BMTC must soon find a source for good, reliable mini-buses to penetrate more areas since the standard sized buses have serious limitations to access interior areas on narrow roads.

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15K more, nonsense!

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Just like they have been widening the roads to accomodate more traffic? Or perhaps, one can trust a babu (Mr Bhaskar Rao) to think of even more licenses and permits to solve the problem which in itself is a result of individualized permit scheme that is designed to discourage innovation. Go to Mr Sood to talk about harassment, he will raise his hands up - very hard to enforce and control them, there are 'deeper' issues. Go to Mr Bhaskar Rao - he would have court delays etc as the answer for why polluting autos are still on our roads with 2 stroke smokey engines. And they think that 15K more permits will solve the problem? Whose problem? Their, or ours?

BMTC can't live with the excuse that it can't procure and run mini buses. Enough! 100s of schools in the city pull children out of small hallis and palyas in Bangalore, haven't you see those mini buses? Only BMTC can't, and of all the reasons they can quote, they mention business viability as one. They need to make up their mind, what do they exist for - welfare, or business viability?

They have outlived their time, transportation is a serious business and problem today. Autos MUST go, or be forced to stay local, as true feeders, and not to race with Buses on large corridors. Govt wants to do this the welfare way, just go Reva or similar, or have a scheme to encourage them upgrade to metered taxis.

Last Mile is the BIGGEST reason keeping BMTC ridership from touching 50% levels (they claim 32% of all commuter traffic in the city). Auto and last mile is practically a myth.

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SB, agree BMTC Ahas no excuse

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agree BMTC Ahas no excuse not to run mini-buses as feeder service..something ppl have beeing saying for long.

as for do u say autoas as last mile is a myth? if u strictly see last mile as only 500m or so etc, ppl may not pay 17 bucks for that...but id guess there are quite a few who take auto for the last 2-3 kms etc, instead of changing a bus no?

also we must look at shared autos seriously - that way we increase the capacity of autos without increasing the number. shared autos can be a really good local feeder service..

in any case i dont think having more autos on the road is a bad idea. will increase supply and get the bad eggs to behave better...will also help ppl ditch cars i think. remember also that there are a few who mgiht be happy to use bus one way and auto the other way etc.. comment guidelines

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