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Madiwala Market - Footpath encroachment, parking at no-parking, not even 1 lane left for vehicles out of 3 lanes, illegal vendor

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I am not a regular visitor in general of the madiwala sabji market and even don't ride/drive/walk through the madiwala market road.

But, a few of my drives through that market has caused to pose a few questions. Whenever I used to drive through there, I had thought of covering the problems in  my camera, but couldn' do so. This time, I had to do some shopping from the madiwala market, so, going by the laws, I choose not to park at no-parking zones, instead I took long route (I was driving from koramangala 1st block to madiwala), I went to Total mall, park my car there, paid Rs. 20 as parking fees, and then walked to market to capture the issues in my mobile camera this time.

We all know that earler, this road was just 1-way, and not long before it was made 2-way and one side is given for the madiwala maket vendors to have their shops there. Now what has happened gradually to market and its surroundings-

(1) First, vendors had been given the space to have their shops in the market and people can walk on the footpath and do their shopping going inside the market.

(2) I am not sure or I couldn't see any parking provisions made by BBMP while coming up with market. Obviously where would people park their vehicles before they go out and shop.

(3) So people started parking on the leftmost lanes on the market side way, and right-most lane on the other side.

(4) Then, even the footpath, vendors started encroaching that too by putting up their stalls.

(5) Even that was not enough, a lot of temp vendors have started putting up their stalls on the leftmost lanes.

(6) This caused the shoppers to park their vehicles on middle lane of the running-road, (let me state that there are no-parking boards put up all along the road)

(7) Then, vendors also started dumping all the garbage on the road itself, near to footpath and in the leftmost lane. Who will clear the garbage, BBMP?

Now, above all are the observations, but then come the questions-

(a) Why did BBMP did not come up with parking provisions ( read paid parking) when they got madiwala market come up there?

(b) Why did they not stop illegal encroachment of the footpaths by the illegal vendors?

(c) Why did bangalore traffic police not stopping the people parking at no-parking zones, eating up almost 2 lanes, on the 3-lane one-sided road?

(d) How can the legal vendors allow illegal vendors come up in front of their shops (both on footpath and temp vendors)? Is there some mafia hand here?

(e) Or Do we suspect some corporator/polician's hand in the above mess-up?

(f) Why all the vendors are allowed to dump all the garbage on the road-side just like that in the broad daylight? Why BBMP only responsible for cleanup?

(g) Any shop-keeper who has got a legal place there in market, how come those are surviving when all the shoppers are buying stuff from the temp vendors on the leftmost lane or other vendors at footpath? Nobody think about going inside and buying from actual market space.

 I have a few photos to present and here and thread is open for discussion to have some constructive suggestions/solution so that problems can be found out in reality (as above said is all based on observation) and then solutions can be achieved taking BBMP and BTP into consideration.








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Updated on the BTP Facebook page to seek some reply

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I have posted the same story on the Bangalore Traffic Police Facebook page to seek some comment from the BTP & Mr. Sood on the same. Lets see what happens.

I know, its not all in BTP's hand, but atleast parking on the middle lane (no-parking boards there), can be enforced, people should pay and park (may be in total mall) or use public transport, bus-stop just there itself. Also, parking to be banned in rightmost lane of the other side of the road.

Secondly, BTP should also help in making way clear for pedestrians on the footpath there.


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Captures from the latest visit

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I have brought this post's notice to BTP's FB again 2 weeks back, and they forwarded my request to Madiwala Traffic police, but I see no changes yet.

A few captures from my visit to madiwala market saturday morning. I had parked my car in Total Mall and then from there walked to buy vegetables and fruits and took below pictures. I don't know when the Traffic Police will take some action about illegal violations on the road and make ways for free/smooth flow of traffic and pedestrians.

All the garbage is being dumped on the road itself, I don't know what will happen when it rains and specifically when it rains heavily.



Road encroachment is as it is, or even more, vendors are standing on the leftmost lane, many vehicles being parked on leftmost and middle lane, but Traffic police has a NO-Parking board there.



On the other side of the road, the rightmost lane (one which is used for higher speeds), cars are being parked there, wonderful.

Also, garbage being dumped on the median of the 6 lane road, how wonderful.





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One-way in Madiwala junction likely to be permanent; skywalks to

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One-way traffic diversion that started two months ago effectively eases traffic, according to the police; BBMP to conduct feasibility report before inviting tenders for three skywalks
Following the smoothening of traffic flow in Madiwala, the cops have demanded three skywalks with elevators at important junctions - St John's Hospital, near Kudremukh Iron Ore Company office and at the Madiwala police station junction.
It is almost two months now since the new traffic diversion was introduced in the Madiwala traffic police limits. Patients and staff of St John's Hospital were unhappy with the diversion as it was affecting them directly since the hospital is on this road.
With the traffic diversion effectively getting implemented and showing signs of being successful, the Bengaluru traffic police have decided to make it a permanent system. Speaking to Bangalore Mirror about this, additional commissioner of police M A Saleem said, "The one-way near in Madiwala is working satisfactorily. We will make it permanent with adequate pedestrian facilities."
Saleem has now written a letter to the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) commissioner G Kumar Naik mentioning the urgent need of three skywalks with elevators in Madiwala. He explained, "As you are aware, Benglauru traffic police has implemented a one-way system on Sarjapura Road, Madiwala Market Road and Hosur Road for decongesting traffic in the Madiwala area. The system is presently working very well and the traffic flow has become smooth in this corridor. There is a significant reduction in the journey time of commuters plying on these roads."
According to Saleem, the new one-way system has led to an increase in the speed of passing vehicles resulting in smooth flow of traffic. But pedestrians on these roads are finding it extremely difficult to cross them.
"In order to provide adequate facilities for pedestrians, it is important that pedestrian skywalks be constructed here. Since the one-way system is already in place, it is requested that the skywalk work may be taken on a priority basis in the interest of pedestrian safety," he said.
Tenders invited for skywalk
Meanwhile, BBMP's executive engineer (traffic engineering cell) Basavaraj Kabade said that even before the request was initiated by the traffic cops, the civic body had taken up the skywalk project at the Madiwala police station junction.
"After conducting the feasibility report, we have already taken up the project. Tenders have been called for the skywalk at Madiwala police station junction. The last date to participate in the tender is July 30," he said.
"There is a need to install a skywalk at the Madiwala police station junction and according to the survey around 5,000 pedestrian cross the road every day. The numbers at Kudremukh Iron Ore Company office and at St John's Hospital junction are less but now the road from Madiwala Check Post to Sarjapur Road connecting the Silk Board junction is made one-way, which has increased vehicular movement, creating lot of problems for pedestrians wanting to cross the road," he added.
Kabade added that the feasibility report will be prepared to take up the skywalk project at St John's Hospital junction and Kudremukh Iron Ore Company office shortly. Later, after administrative approval, tenders will be invited and action taken accordingly.
In April, the traffic had been modified converting the route from Silk Board junction to Madiwala Check Post into a one-way, restricting direct traffic movement from Madiwala Check Post to the Silk Board junction.

Once again Pedastrains neglected and even  Officials are  also on cold response for pedastrians. 

@Murali can u throw light on this how difficult for people to cross road now at Madiwala comment guidelines

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