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Me ? I'm not causing the problem !

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TrafficTraffic jams

It's always somone else causing the problem !

In general, the richer the person is:

1. The more resources he uses

2. The more he feels that he part of the solution

3. The less he feels that he is part of the problem.

I've actually heard people remarking "These buses are the biggest cause of the traffic problem".


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das, a nice one!

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Thanks for the thought provoking moments, but with humor.

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Truely a good one

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 For every thing we have an excuse to exclude self. We want others to be good or better than us at least. The degree varies. Once I was asked by my best friend whether all of us government Servants do a good job for our salaries received, when I was in a complaining mood. That was 40 yrs back. I cannot forget that moment.


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If all those idiots get together and....

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Very nice cartoon yaar. If all those idiots could just get together and decide ... we can have one idiotic solution ?

-Vasanth Mysoremath





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More 'solutions' from the people above:

1.) Underpasses, overpasses, roads on stilts, roads over roads, roads roads and more roads

2.) Magic Boxes, up down and everywhere

3.) TOTAL BAN ON TRAFFIC SIGNALS - Who needs these anyways?

4.) Cars for all - Tata Nanos to be poll promises like TVs!

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It is not only richer

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Very good one -thought for INTROSPECTION

It is not only RICHER  ,if one is more educative/powerful  -he some times become arrogative/selfish 

Like parking cars on FOOT  PATH   for hours and throwing fine like giving alms to a begger .and building 5 floors without providing parking space and speaking on traffic issues

If  humans practice than what we preach it reduces the problem.


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@ Das: I'm mad...

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Didn't I ask you a thousand times not to click it when I drive home? :-(


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Sorry about that !

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Ok, that's you in the second car in the front row ? I was just thinking that it was a familiar looking face :-(

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Definition for a Nanosecond

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A colleague had asked me the definition for a Nanosecond. I tried to mumble some figures such as 1/millionth of a second, etc., but he came up with a real good one :

"The extremely short period of time between the signal turning green & the guy behind starts honking !".

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A very scientific explanation for nanosecond..

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Naveen Had a hearty laught. good joke. comment guidelines

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