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Google Transit for Bangalore?

Any idea about the plans for Google to include Bangalore in  Google Transit service:  ?

sanjay chitnis
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Bangalore City Connect talking to Google on Transit for Bangalor

Bangalore City Connect Foundation (BCCF) has engaged with BMTC for quite sometime in studying their present GPS and other information systems. Google Transit is an interesting tool that the agency can use. But many of the Google map features like 'Get Directions' do not work for Indian cities. Perhaps because the base network. with attributes such as length of roads and related information is not created. Its not clear if Transit requires this. Nevertheless a talk with Google is to take place next week. And a cleared picture will emerge. It would be amazing if our city would get this feature!
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Need more details in map for google transit?

 If we need more details in google map, we can do so using .
Anyway I think it has enough information in that already. I will be personally interested if I can contribute in any way with this initiative of BCCF.
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Transit a schedule/route software app

Google Transit tool, is an off-shoot of the work done by Trimet, Portland. They have done a lot of research on transportation solutions. The tool is really versatile and does more than plot on the map. I would suggest we wait for the outcome of next Tuesday's meeting with Google guys. Will keep Praja in the loop on the developments.
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Mapping Volunteers for BMTC routes/stops

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