Petition being sent to minister

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A petition as per attachment is being sent by to Sri S Suresh Kumar, Hon’ble Minister for Law, Govt of Karnataka, in the coming week. If he continues to hold the portfolio (assuming he continues as a minister), an attempt will be made to meet him soon.

In the meanwhile, a request will be sent out to all civil society groups, RWA's etc to send out similar letters to the minister. I will be grateful if members of PRAJA connected to other civil society groups also join in the exercise.

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petition sent

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With Sri Suresh Kumar back in the cabinet, and holding the same portfolios, I sent out the petitions today by regd post. Will give it a little time, and then perhaps organise a meet.

Meanwhile, it will be good if we can get more and more RWA's/ NGO's to send out similarly-worded petitions.

Muralidhar Rao

Even if you have paid on the

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Even if you have paid on the guideline value the harassment if I understand is because the sale value is higher & the authorities come for their pound of flesh. So if the clarification that the samp duty will be charged on Guideline or Sale value whichever is higher takes away that differential as well no? So much corruption because of lack of 3 words in the law

This also on Radio Indigo - 10AM, 3rd Sept

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This matter also (apart from the KAOA anomalies issue - check this) is likely to be raised before Honorable Sri Suresh Kumar on our behalf by Mr H S Balram on the 'Straight Talk' show between 10 AM and 12 noon, Saturday - 3rd Sept, on Radio Indigo - 91.9 fm

Muralidhar Rao

minister acknowledges problem

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Minister acknowledges there is a problem, and has offered to initiate necessary corrective action. For the relevant part of the interview, click here.

Muralidhar Rao