Dear Sir,
I got your email id from
 I am planning to buy a flat in bangalore and builder told me that along with flat sale amount i also need to pay bribe to register the flat. Also he told me that if i am taking loan and want to register it, i need to pay bribe again inorder to regiter that mortagage.
I want to know :
1. Is is really necessary to pay bribe for registering the property even though i am paying full registration amount and stamp duty to government
2. Why i need to pay bribe 2nd time for registering the mortagage.
3. Also why builder in the city have made it mandatory for all customer to pay bribe.
4. Will bank give me loan for paying bribe also.As it is almost 5000-20,000 per flat.
Your site says that you have computarized the registration and stamp duty system, so why still people of india needs to pay bribe to you for registering their peoperty when they are already paying income tax.
I hope that you will reply to my queries and issue your advisory to your subordinates who are responsible for registration of property and stamp duty.