How Can I help the CRS Campaign?

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Commuter Rail

I am busy, can't find time to help Praja members in commuter rail campaign?

Really difficult to dedicate time to attend meetings with government officials?

Just not possible to participate in all the public discussions on CRS?

I am not based in Bengaluru, still would like to help? How can I?

I am sure at one point of time or other, we all have been in the above situations. In today's high speed life, we are torn between desire to contribute to society and taking care of life's basic necessities. In that job, family and social engagements seems to be taking priority and leaving no room for civic duties.

Best would have been where we are able to spare time, efforts and even money to support the causes like campaign for Commuter Rail Service (CRS). It would have been a real justice to CRS campaign, wherein we could work shoulder to shoulder with dedicated Praja members like Sanjeev, IDS. But our primary engagements are really proving to be the main cause for not doing so. This is not something we are happy and OK with it. Even though we are not active with ground support to CRS, our hearts are with Praja, its members and specially those who are relentlessly waging this CRS campaign battle. So, what's the way forward for people like us who would like to eb part of this campaign?

There is a lot that people like me and you can do to support Praja's campaign for CRS. Here are some of the things we can do right from our comforts of home and businesses. I am sure these efforts will be valuable to CRS campaign even if it is miniscule compare to all the heavy lifting by the Praja's Namma Railu team.

  • Print and display the CRS awareness posters, information Brochures at work place, societies, public spaces like malls etc. Download the information here - Posters , Brochures, Kannada Posters
  • View and distribute CRS Presentations in English and Kannada to all our friends, relatives, colleagues etc.
  • Meet personally local corporator, area MLA/MP and ask for support to CRS.

I am sure even if we spare 20-30 minutes on Weekend/Sunday and can work on one item at a time, in 4-5 weeks we would be able to accomplish all of the above.

Imagine if 100 of us can do all the above, everybody from corporator to MLA, MP would have been alerted by CRS campaign. CMs office would have been put on notice for according approval to CRS immediately. We all know politicians know the value of votes if nothing else.

Let's do it. 20 to 30 minutes every weekend for next 4-5 weeks, let us do something which we all long for and passionate about it. Let's scarifice this much for ourselves, our children and their coming generation.

Let's do it for 'Namma Bengaluru'.