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Commuter Rail - Email Campaign !

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Commuter Rail

RITES report is out. Time for action. Shouldn't take more than 5 minutes to send one. Here is a sample of the email that I had sent to various people. You may send this petition to these email addresses:

Government Of India

Union minister of Urban Development -

Union minister of Railways -

Minister of State Railways -

Government of Karnataka

Chief Minister -

Transport Minister -

Urban Deve Minister -

IDD Minister -

Chief Secretary -

Secretary, Urban Development -

Transport Secretary -


Here is the Draft of the Email that I had sent to all the above email addresses (Had change the To Name to respective authority)



The Chief Minister,

Government of Karnataka

Bengaluru – 560001



                Subject – Petition for introducing Commuter Rail Service in Bengaluru

I, Khader B Syed, a Non-Resident citizen of Bengaluru City , hereby petition you for introducing the 'Commuter Rail Service' (CRS) in Bengaluru as proposed in the recently submitted RITES report to the Department of Urban Land Transport.

As you must be aware that, our city of Bengaluru has exhausted all other Mass Transit options to meet the growing size of the daily commuters. It is time we stem the growth of Bengaluru city and disperse it to adjoining towns of Mandya, Ramangaram, Dodadballapur, Chikballpur, Anekal, Malur, Hosur, and Bangarpet. The option of using Commuter Rail Service in Bengaluru will serve this purpose. As RITES has recorded in its report 'Implementation of Commuter Rail for Bengaluru, CRS if implemented in its entirety can take care of the Bengaluru's 50% transit load. Implementing CRS will be very economical compare to any other mass transit systems. With the CRS running in Bengaluru, every section of the society will benefit immensely. Commuter Rail will not only help decongest city roads but will also sprucing up of the railway infrastructure in the city and its surroundings.

Different sections of population will be benefit from the commuter rail service are:

  • Factory Workers
  • Students and Teachers
  • Office/Business Employees
  • IT Employees
  • Health Care Employees
  • Patients
  • Merchants and Business Owners

Given this potential and urgent need for the commuter rail service, hereby I request you to start this service immediately. Introduction of this service will greatly help Bengaluru city in decongestion and providing relief to the commuters.


Thanking you and I remain,



(Address, Ph #, Email Address)


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Received a reply from Chief Secretary, GOK!

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In response to my email to Chief Secretary GOK, I received this reply.

Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2012 12:54 AM
Subject: FW: Petition for starting Commuter Rail Service in Bengaluru !

I am desired to request you to take suitable action in the matter.

                                                            PS to CS


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Commuter rail

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I am not able to make out who is to take 'suitable' action as it is from PS to CS.


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Email forwarded to Principal Secretary!

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The email was forwarded from Personal secretary of Chief Secretary to the Principal Secretary (IDD).

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Reply from Principal Secretary!

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I am lost on this response from Principal Secretary. BMRCL is looking into this and 1st phase is in active implementation? Is she talking about Metro or commuter rail?


Dear Sri Khader,

This is with reference to your suggestion forwarded to Chief Secretary.  Perhaps you are aware that BMRCL is already looking on this issue and Phase-I is in active implementation.  Regarding other issues also, the mail is forwarded to MD, BMRCL for necessary action.  You may like to talk to him or reach him in the following address:


Sri N Sivasailam,IAS , Managing Director,


Ph: 080-22969202

M-94489 90310




Dr.Amita Prasad,IAS

Principal Secretary,

Urban Development Department


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Reply to and put copy to PS / UDD

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Same mail forward it to CS and   explain him that his request was  not  answered properly by PS / UDD and tell him that  UDD is treating this one  as part of Bangalore METRO where as this Commuter Rail / Suburban Rail.

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May be Prinicipal Secretary is right?

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From the email it can only be 2 things. Either she is teliing the truth or could be she is also cluseless about Commuter Rail as many Babus in the govt.

Either way, we have task at hand to educate all - Minsiters, MLAs, MPs, Babus. The best method is to meet in person and give a 'CRS - 101' lessson.

Wish all the Praja members could give a helping hand here. If each one of us can reach one politician and One Babu in person over a months time, we could cover 70-80% positively. As always 20-30% whom we may not be able reach or pass on the lesson.

All interested, pls drop in a comment. We will get in touch with you.



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Email from PS to UDD

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IMHO... the best thing to do is to repond to the email with a copy of the RITES report and some news clippings and a link to the PRAJA project link.  Maybe copy the CS as well.

Politely explain the history of CRS.  Offer to the PS that some "non-non-resident" friends of yours will be more than happy to come and educate her more about commuter rail if the PS will consent to a meeting!

This email clearly shows a desperate need for an active campagn to make commuter rail a buzz word among all citizens of the city and adjacent towns.


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Will do!

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Yes I am planning on responding to that email soon. Also we need to move fast on the CRS Video Presentation suggestion. Because a picture is worth 1000 words.

BTW, I liked the 'Non-Non-resident' tag.


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sent to all.

I have also given a link to the RITES report in the mail/request.



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Got the same reply

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I also got the same reply-

Chief Secretary
1:42 PM (47 minutes ago)
to Principal, me



            I am desired to request you to take necessary action.


                                                PS to CS




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Reply from Mr. Sivasailam, MD BMRC!

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Dear Amita

Please see email of Mr Khader Basha Syed below.

We agree with him – Commuter rail is not metro rail. Commuter rail is basically a suburban railway system whereas Metro rail is a city transportation system. We have also participated in a lot of discussions on the issue and have supported the concept plan for commuter rail. Indeed, one our directors, Mr Sudhir Chandra, Member, Railway Board (retd) was involved in it in his capacity as Chief Engineer and later as CAO, Southern/Southern Western Railway. I agree with Mr Syed that we require an inprinciple decision in the matter from the stakeholders.

It is basically the railways that have to address the issue since the basic aim is to use the capacity of the existing railway system. However, railways always say that their tracks are overworked. We need to address this issue basically and if it really so or the railways are unwilling to do so, we need to provide an alternative line itself. We have the capacity to build it too! We also need to decide the investment since railways will be unwilling to put in money with their priorities being the Dedicated freight corridor and other major national priorities.

Hope in a rambling way, I have addressed the issues.

N Sivasailam


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Noted two things.

Commuter rail is basically a suburban railway system whereas Metro rail is a city transportation system

This statement does not address the issue of moverlap of commuter rail and metro in the core city areas.

If it really so or the railways are unwilling to do so, we need to provide an alternative line itself. We have the capacity to build it too!

Two ways to look at this: Positive spin - he is saying that commuter rail is important and if railways does not want to lay an additional line, his organization can do that part. negative spin:  Looks like he is lining up new work for BMRCL.

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Looking positively lets hope

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Looking positively lets hope that he is contemplating laying new lines by his organisation.

And also we can invite him to the sunday's meet (15th july) for discussion on commuter railway, we can have his share of knowledge on CRS as well. Just a thought.


Hoping for a successfull meet on 15th july(sunday).

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Sent an email to all - 023

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I have sent an email to all the listed people.



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Please speed up CRS Implementation

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I have sent an email to all the listed people.


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