April Bus Day - date changed to 7th

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7 Apr 2010

Can we try something different this time? Get celebrities in? Request some radio channels to publicize the event?

Watch for and join some planing meetings prior to this Bus Day. If you been watching so far, BMTC is here to help, listen and act. Use Bus Day as the medium to give constructive feedback.

Take the Bus, its your city, and your environment.



I thought it was the first Thu??

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 I thought it was the first Thursday of each month and not the 4th of each month?


Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

Its on the next working day

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BMTC has a said quite few times, even their press releases that if the 4th of the month falls on holiday/weekend, bus day will happen on the next working day.  Its better to get it confirmed from BMTC, before making any plans.



@SB, BMTC is here to listen?

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 Thanks for starting the discussions for next Bus Day. Looking forward to the meeting with BMTC.

 All said and done, BMTC can not run away from instituting the basic commuters needs. You can observe N number of bus days, unless each bus day doesn't see any improvement from the previous one, we will be continue to discuss BMTC and PT endlessly.


From news reports, it is clear that people are ready and willing to change over provided BMTC provides them decent reliable services. Even RWAs, Industry associations, Company HRs are more than willing to support BMTC. BMTC can not ask for more. If this had been given to any private entity, their stocks would have skyrocketed. Very few occasions like this will ever come in somebody's life.

Then, what prevents BMTC in delivering?

What would make the Bus Day a bigger success?

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[Note: Converted to a new blog post - Making Bus Day more successful ]

Will check with BMTC on exact date

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I thought we had suggested fixed date (4th every month), for following 2 reasons:

  1. Fixed date is easy to remember and promote (from pure marketing perspective)
  2. Need to push PT for weekends as well, and fixed date will mean once in a while, we will get weekends too.

But will check with BMTC to make sure, if focus is weekdays only, then so be it, no issues with that. But then, changing from April 4 to April 5 wll require some publicity via papers and radio channels. Bus Day posters (on the buses) clearly say 4th of every month.

Date changed to 7th April

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Due to BBMP election/counting etc, Bus Day for April will be on 7th.

Lets figure what new things we can try this time. I intend to just show up at BMTC office one of these days. Hard to coordinate and go in groups. If you have the enthu to help with anything Bus Day, just show up at BMTC office and ask for it, you will find someone who can do with your help and ideas.

SB, how about fixing up a time?

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SB, how about fixing up a time with BMTC sometime this week/Saturday. I guess BMTC works on Saturday mornings too!!

-Srivatsava V

Schedule info

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  Last time there we lot of errors in the timings of vayu vajura buses in the bmtc website(www.bmtctravelinfo.in). I could find that out because I take the vayu vajra bus while going back home. I called up the airport and verfied the timings. They also said there were lot of errors in the website. Also 402T never turns up! (I travel from domlure to sanjaynagar).If the schedule info is not correct this will definitely deter lot of people from taking the bus. Last thing you want is people want to take the bus and come to the bus stand and they don't find any buses.

@nt srinivas Anyway Volvo

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@nt srinivas

Anyway Volvo 402T is a detorous route for you. And between majestic and ITPL I think route board of 335E is  used so as to attract passengers. This problem exists with many BMTC routes where the boards are changed once the bus crosses a point so as to get the crowd.

By the way have you tried the new K-1 service to Mekhri circle from Domlur. Should be faster for you.

@SB/Srivatsava - meeting with BMTC

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I am game for joining in if it is in the afternoon. Please post here about the proposed time you plan to meet up.



Went to BMTC today

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Talked Bus Day as well. Will mail BMTC enthu members if I can do Sat morning as well.

There are several individual efforts in the works towards Bus Day from praja members like Jenny, Narayan. Should hear more real soon.

Corridors for April Bus Day - 7th April 2010

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Corridors for April Bus Day - 7th April 2010
  1. Old Madras Rd

  2. Old Airport Rd

  3. Sarjapura Rd

  4. Hosur Rd

  5. Outer / Inner Ring Road


I am waiting

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@ Syedbhai

If this had been given to any private entity, their stocks would have skyrocketed. Very few occasions like this will ever come in somebody's life. Then, what prevents BMTC in delivering?

I'll give you a tip - check this. But, I won't say anything, lest I be accused of hijacking the agenda. I will continue to remain a silent spectator of the tamasha going on to try and straighten out the BMTC. I'll wait for you to say it. And, I guess I won't have to wait too long.

Muralidhar Rao

Say no to cars, bikes on April 7

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Bus Day is in news again. On April 1, our friend SB attended a meeting at BMTC for the Bus Day interactions and he informs that there were 60-70 people present. This is an indication that Bus Day concept has taken roots in BMTC and it is in autopilot mode.

News reports also indicate that there is show of seriousness in BMTC. According to this report, 5 senior officers are being give the responsibility to co-ordinate Bus Day activities in each of the 5 corridors.

For more read here.

Apr 7 - World Health Day

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Just came to know that Apr 7th is World Health Day, under a WHO campaign called 1000 Cities. A group called People of India is calling for a 'Car Free Day' as a part of the campaign - "Calling People of Bengaluru to observe Car Free Day from Midnight to Noon of 7th April 2010".

Apr 7th is our Bus Day too...  Coincidence?

The details regarding the Bus

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The details regarding the Bus day routes have been updated. As usual certain new routes and certain specific bus day routes have been introduced



Utilize the services and make bus day success again

Address grievances first says Commuters

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Deccan Herald carried a very thought provoking news item attributing to BMTC commuters. For more read 


Took the bus

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 My wife and I went to Indiranagar RTO to get her DL renewed (a separate post on that).  We decided to take the bus for this.  

Going - took our car and parked it near the Raghavendraswamy temple in Jayanagar 5th block.  Bus stop had no shelter (there is a shelter a little ahead but buses don't stop there!).  Got into a V201R (Srinagar to CV Raman Nagar).  Well patronized and had to stand till IRR.  Rs.18/ticket till Indiranagar Police Station.   I think that this is really good route - Srinagar--> Banashankari-->BTM--> Koramangala--> DOmlur-->Indiranagar.   People who want to go to E-City get off at Silkboard.  This also covers Embassy and BTP.  

Walked to the BDA complex along non-existent pavements.  Don't understand why the 100ft road from BM Sri Circle to OM Road still is in such bad shape.  The viaduct work is over but the road and pavements are still in a mess.

On the way back initially thought we would go to Corporation and take a bus from there.  But OM Road is a mess and traffic including buses was crawling.  The bus stop was next to some stinking sewer as well. We walked back to I'nagar Police Station and this time got a normal 201G back.  Got off at Raghavendraswamy stop and took the car back home.  

We probably saved Rs.90.  Not bad.  Did not take too much more time than the car would have.   Bus ride was comfortable.   Drivers did not drive rashly and mostly stayed to the left.

As usual  - bus stops are in a bad shape, pavements are worse - even in Indiranagar (this is not some new ward), buses don't stop near the pavements at the bus stops, people have to struggle to cross the roads.









Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

Bus Day a Disaster?

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Today I experienced unusually heavy traffic in the evening on Old Madras Road (of course the road is so hopeless that no bus day can improve the traffic condition here), Majestic and Okalipuram. Looks like the propaganda was not sufficient and the mix-up of the dates has confused a lot of people. 

BMTC claims 3rd Bus Day was super hit

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The third edition of Bus Day observed on Wednesday was a complete success, said the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) MD Syed Zameer Pasha.

“The Bus Day initiative was a big success. We had 150 to 200 additional buses pressed into service to accommodate more number of people,” said Pasha.

For more read here:


Courtsey - Deccan Herald


Praja & Bus Day ...

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Read the DH report Syed mentioned in the prev post. Praja is listed as one of the partners.

IT corporates oppose bus day?

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A very disturbing news has appeared in DNA India. Is it case of sabotage from very same quarter that all along had craved for? is it a turf war in BMTC? Hard to believe.

“Companies are wary of encouraging employees to share transport for commuting as they fear poaching,” an HR executive of an IT firm told DNA. “Sharing transport gives employees a chance to talk about and get details of vacancies in other companies and also swap CVs. Companies are concerned since attrition is high in the industry,” the HR executive said not wanting to be named. “Moreover, company secrets may also get leaked during casual gossips.”

Some experts dismissed the theory that Bus Day was not being widely embraced because IT companies were not promoting it fearing attrition. “The fear of attrition may be genuine,” Ashwin Mahesh, a member of the ABIDe task force, said. “But there are many other reasons for the concept not getting popular. The timings and availability of buses is a major problem. This dissuades many people from taking public transport,” he said.



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“Sharing transport gives employees a chance to talk about and get details of vacancies in other companies and also swap CVs. Companies are concerned since attrition is high in the industry,” the HR executive said not wanting to be named. “Moreover, company secrets may also get leaked during casual gossips.”

Nonsense! this can happen in metro, airports/airlines, coffee shops, pubs, malls and gazillion other places. How many of those are the HR folks discouraging.

“This fear may be stalking some companies,” Vishwanath Sitaram, general secretary of Outer Ring Road Companies Association, said. “We will call a meeting of BMTC officials and IT companies operating on the Outer Ring Road to see if separate buses can be provided for each company,” he said.

Seperate buses? tell him to fund it. He needs a crack on his backside. We have to ask all companies to be provided with seperate airplanes as I landed my previous job at the airport.

Cool, that is one news item

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Can't believe someone actually said that to DNA.

I was in a Bus Day interaction meeting at BMTC last week, and representative from a large IT company said the reverse - he said that their goal is stop leasing buses and use BMTC's regular scheduled services as that is in the interests of the city.

Have been tied up, will post a report on the meeting I attended, was a good experience.