What's on FM radio about Bus Day this week!?

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Just to keep all in the loop about what's on air about bus day.... 94.3 , radio one, started Monday this week.


  1. 5 Bus facts packaged as capsules and played out on air. (Scripts attached)
  2. 3 Testimonials packaged as ‘58 reasons why travelling by bus is better than using your own vehicle.’ (Scripts attached)
  3. Bus Day Teaser Liner, promoting the happenings on the Bus Day. (Liner attached)
  4. Bus Day Final Liner executing the features on respective shows. (Liner attached)
  5. Each show has been allocated the Lady conductors who are to be called and featured. (Allocation attached)
  6. Live Link by MJ Rakesh on the Breakfast show from a bus, travelling to work with a fellow commuter. (At 10.20 am)
  7. MJ Shilpa to do a call out with Mr. Lakshman - Manager of the biggest BMTC Depot, sharing his excitement on the Bus Day.
  8. Breakfast show to go all exclusive for the Bus Day:
    1. Maximum Line Maaro:  Word for the day: ‘Bus’! Listeners invited to come up with funny, creative lines with the word ‘Bus’ in them.
    2. Speak Up Maximum: A bus a day, keeps the stress away. Today being the Bus day, are you taking the bus or taking the stress. Interactive topic.

Do tune in.


[PS: have not posted all attachments]

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