Discussion regarding Bus day

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14 Oct 2009 18:30

There will be a meeting with Mithila regarding the Bus Day.


The discussion will only include the Bus day, its planning and how to go about it.

Anyone interested can join, please feel free to put up any question and suggestion

Date: 14 oct 2009
Time: 6:30 pm
Venue: Koramangala


Hi, whats this bus-day all

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Hi, whats this bus-day all about?

A day event

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It would basically be a day event, involving using BMTC buses only.

The details have not been figured out yet and that is what the meeting is about.

as in basically, we'd

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as in basically, we'd encourage everyone to use BMTC buses that day as opposed to using their private vehicles right?

Start with 2-3 target Destinations!

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Nice to see your presence on Praja after long time. My suggestion is first try this with some targeted destinations.

This is how I would plan the event:

  1. Select destination targets - ITPL, EC and other pocket.
  2. Prepare a list of logistics needed for Bus Only mode.
  3. Get a core group of volunteers
  4. Approach the Associations through whom you can reach to majority of the Industrial/Office houses and explain the event.
  5. Solicit their suggestions and incorporate them into your plans.
  6. Work with BMTC and the other Bus operators to run additional trips and extra buses.
  7. Advertise the event well in advance - newspapers, Radio, TV, Online Portals etc.
  8. Advertise personally at the target destinations through HRs using handbills, Emails etc.
  9. Also plan for solicit feedback from the participating citizens.
  10. Even can plan for encouraging the citizens to take a online survey on PRAJA.

Go for a citywide event only after you and BMTC have done a thorough postmortem of the smaller event.

Count me in for any help with Survey Questions, design of Handbills and any advertising material you may need.



Bus Day

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Due to prior commitment I am not able to join.

Mr. Syed has given comprehensive list.

I only would add that the BMTC officials ( from top down) should observe Bus Day- 'Charity begins at home'.


Was off Praja.. hopefully back soon

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hopefully, I should be able to make it at 6:30-6:45pm.

I will call to know about the venue/address in the evening, in case I am able to make it.


-Srivatsava V

Launch the new bmtc website on bus day

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I will not be able to attend the meet. My suggestions 

1. Can the launch of the new BMTC website happen along with bus day event.  It will add to the hype of the event.

2.Can a dedicated website be launched for"Bangalore Bus Day" like the cyclothon website.highlighting the need/use of public transportation.   Providing information regarding the bus day. 

Any information regarding the new BMTC website launch will be good.




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Eagerly awaiting news of the 14th Oct.meeting from the participants.


Meeting Minutes

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The meeting went very well.
The Bus day time and some details were discussed.

The bus day is planned to be on 20th Nov. a day before the Mobilicity event which is to take place in IISc campus.

Some of the things that came up were some suggestions for the bus day.
1.) We could have a sticker cum ticket which could have a slogan.
We can distribute it as tickets and the stickers.

2.)Second the most important thing that came up was that we identify a couple of corridors.
We could allow only bus through these corridors and have cars, heavy vehicles and auto take a little detour.

This could show how much the travel time can be reduced if people shift from cars to buses.
We need suggestions for these corridors and if possible with a google map image showing the corridor where only buses will be allowed and the detour for cars etc

We will also need volunteer for the Bus day to make it happen and to work out the details.
Anyone interested please leave a msg or comment on this post.

We would also need some sponsor, if anyone has any contacts do let us know

Bus day

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Hi Manjari,

Please count me in as a volunteer.

Can you give the list of participants on 14th Oct.?


Mr. Pathy, does it matter?

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Mr. Pathy,

Does it matter who participated and who didn't?

Bus Day

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Dear Mr. Syed.

We have to work as a team.


Participants on 14th oct

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I agree it doesnt matter who participated and who didnt.

And I also agree that we have to work as a team.

No one from Praja came for the meeting except me :)
I made a post of it but because it being a weekday it was hard for working people to come.

BMTC - bus day suggestions

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Meant to post these suggestions before but got caught up in other things:
- Cloth banners on the sides of buses extolling environmental virtues is a cheap and easy way to advertise (one bus equals n cars equals n two wheelers, big10 costs only n% more than ordinary buses etc.)
- Some way to incentivise car owners (say plaque after 1 year and minimum 52 - one per week - bus travel). It would be a logistical nightmare to keep track of "converts" only but maybe others have better ideas to prevent misuse.
- Offering free rides at certain hours on that day in lowly patronised buses.
- Maybe all Bengaluru-based Praja can decide to use only buses that day ;-).
- Any well-known personality(ies) (actors, politicians) using buses will be bonus advertisement.
Sorry for the late suggestions - please ignore if too late.

Its never too late

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Ideas are always welcomed. Its never too late to have some more :)

Bus Day

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Hi Manjari,

What is the thinking of BMTC in respect of our earlier suggestions about Bus Day?


BMTC - Bus Day - more

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At Manjari - Are you/praja members part of this crowd?

June Bus Day - Campaign buses after 7 PM

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 Buses after 7 pm is the main problem in Bangalore, especially on the Outer Ring Road. Marathalli, Banashankari, Silkboard Junction, Corporation are prime examples.

Yesterday I had an horrifying experience with BMTC. I took a Vajra Gold day pass and boarded the bus at around 2:30PM. While travelling to office from BSK III Stg to Doddenakundi, it was so good.As soon as I went to bus stop, I got V201R, I changed over at CSB to V500A without much waitings

On the other hand, while coming back from office, we had shuttles from office to every locality at 8PM which I usually used to take. My work finished at 7. Since I had day pass, we have shuttle to Marathalli every hour. I took 7:15 shuttle to Marathalli.

In Marathalli, I had to wait till 7:50 PM to see a bus towards Silkboard. Only one V500NC came which didn't had space even to stand. No ordinary bus came too. Everything was carrying board AGARA Depot.

Then an ordinary very old bus without even headlight came calling 'East End,East End'. This got crowded like anything. Bus driver was too slow, crowded bus. I got down at Silkboard and took an ordinary 201 which also was too slow. Finally I reached home at around 9:45 after my colleagues who took the office shuttles at 8PM reached near my home by 9:15PM or so.

Most of the IT offices work late in the night since they have meetings with onshore counterparts. So, it is common to see people leaving offices after 7 or so. What if BMTC cannot provide bus even at 7PM? This city sleeps at 12PM.  What sort of service is this? All the Vajras go to depot at 6-7PM after which you cannot count on BMTC. I want our Transport Minister to take a bus from Banashankari (near his constituency) to his residence after 8PM and experience himself service provided by his department.

Delhi's Bus and BRT Promotion Voluntary Organization Website

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Nice to see the facts about BRTS and comparison of Metro with BRTS. 

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