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Bengaluru is NOT a pedestrian friendly city. Pedestrian injuries and deaths are on a rise. Roads get widened, new roads get built, flyovers and underpasses come up every year, but very few of these projects see the required investment and designs for pedestrian amenities. And pedestrian safety and amenities is one area where citizen initiatives can't do much without support and understanding from government agencies.

Jenny Pinto and others have filed a PIL in state High Court to raise concerns on the matter. A division bench headed by Chief Justice DH Waghela and Justice BV Nagarathna issued notices to the state government, the BBMP, the BDA, public works department, Karnataka Road Development Corporation Limited and the KSPCB, asking them to file their statement on the issues raised in the petition.

We will use this project group as a hub to:

  • Share updates on the PIL related proceedings, as much as possible and permissible by the courts
  • Get help from the larger Praja community and interested citizens of Bengaluru in collecting and reviewing material related to this PIL

Please join the group if you want to be a part of the support workgroup for this PIL, and help share and gather information around it.

[Project created on behalf of Jenny Pinto]

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Pedestrian PIL - How can you participate/help?

Pedestrian Infrastructure

1. Look at the affidavit and find if your road is a part of the list of roads BBMP wants to make walkable.

2. Take pictures of the footpath/sidewalk which are unwalkable/have obstructions. Make sure to put date & time on the pictures.

Seeking citizen input to the PIL

Pedestrian Infrastructure

Related to the WP 13731/2013 Requesting citizens to read thru the affiidavit posted in parts below

Pedestrian PIL status

Pedestrian Infrastructure

PIL hearing was on 15th Sept'2014

BBMP Public Notice on the clearing Foot paths

Pedestrian Infrastructure

Citizens please cooperate on this 





Foot Over Bridge / Sky walks study done by DULT for the proposed by BBMP

Pedestrian Infrastructure

Thanks to DULT for taking up the study of proposed Skywalks by BBMP.

Looking forward to wards BBMP Engineer / Commissioner to  attend meeting with DULT and  come  out where will be skywalks / FOB are feasible and required.


Pedestrian facility can become land marks for city

Pedestrian Infrastructure

Pedestrian bridge was unveiled in Lujiazui in the Pudong district of Shanghai. This large scale circular pedestrian overpass enables pedestrians to avoid traffic at the round-about terminus of Lujiazui Rd.

37 Sky walks Tender for RFP in Bangalore by BBMP in Jan'2014

Pedestrian Infrastructure

These 37 sky walks with lifts / escalators & staircase RFP called with 20 years with Design Build Finance Operate and Transfer.

Pedestrrain PIL media coverage

Pedestrian Infrastructure

Finally courts are realising how bad the Bnagalore pedestrain facilities. Thanks Jenny for taking up and our support for you.


How to make footpaths free of transformers - your suggestions

Pedestrian Infrastructure

Guys, BESCOM is seeking ideas on how to make Bangalore footpaths free of transformers. I think newspaper ads are out today. Was wondering if we can collect some ideas via this post and share with BESCOM.

update: First up, a list of previous posts on the subject, as this is not new.

First hearing in the High Court - June 3

3 Jun 2013 09:30

Just marking the date. June 3. First hearing in the High Court on this PIL.

We are not sure how many people can actually join in at the court. Need to check with the lawyer if 10-12 of us can join in. But if you are interested to attend, please do leave a comment here. One of us will respond on how many can come.

Watch this post for more details on this first hearing.

Support for Pedestrian PIL

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