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Some folks at Praja are working with CiSTUP to organize solution focused workshop on public transportation. The workshop is being organized on the sidelines of CiSTUP foundation day events. The technical sessions being planned are:

  1. Namma Railu (updated, Jan 5: now stands postponed) - continue forward from recent round table and meetings with DULT/SWR etc to understand what needs to be done next.
  2. Non Motorized Transport (NMT) : Cycling - Discuss proposals to promote Cycling as the last mile mode. Prominent bureaucrats and technocrats are expected to be on the panel for this workshop
  3. Bus Priority System - Discuss feasibility of Bus Priority System, with G1/335 as example corridor. BMTC, BBMP and Traffic police are expected to be on the panel for this one.

The three technical sessions will be held in parallel, in the second half of the day (January 10), attendance will only be via pre-registration, and there will be fixed seats for all attendees.

Please watch this project to track volunteer activity in organizing these technical sessions. Also watch for an Event Registration form for the three technical sessions.

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Praja RAAG

Project completed - thanks CiSTUP

Praja related

Marking the project as complete. A big thanks to CiSTUP for giving us the opportunity to be partners , and thanks to all attendees for taking the time to be there. The morning session saw some very good presentations.

Jan 10 Mobilicity workshop - detailed schedule

Public Transport

Attached is the schedule for January 10 workshop sessions. Most panelists for the afternoon parallel technical sessions have confirmed. Look forward to constructive, deep and engaging discusons in all the sessions.

PS: Pardon us for any oversight or errors in name or designations.

Confirming two sessions, Namma Railu postponed

Praja related

Quick update to confirm that we are on for 2 PM sessions on Bus Priority System and NMT - Cycling. However, the third session, Namma Railu, stands postponed as we were not able to get the quorum required to make progress forward from where the project stands today.


Workshop on Urban Mobility, IISc, Jan 10 (Mobilicity)

Urban DevelopmentGovernance
10 Jan 2011 14:00
10 Jan 2011 16:30

Discussions will be held to understand the issues (political, social, economic and technical) for developing livable cities; take a systems view of the challenges being faced; identify possible ways forward. Focus will be put on ways to learn from urban case studies from across the world and capture critical issues and their effective solutions for application in t

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