BMTC Engagements - 2009

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Those who think they know BMTC well, tell us this. How do they plan new bus routes? How do they actually make a profit? How often do they undertake routing and deployment reforms? How do they get help from BBMP and Traffic Police - any agreement based approach?

This project will track BMTC's operation in greater details. Idea is to understand their operations and cost structure, their profit and loss statements and their initiatives in greater details. Information about BMTC can be gathered via emails or meetings with BMTC, and if needed, via RTIs.

Join this project only if you will help organize or attend meetings, or help frame questions, or when needed file RTIs. Do not join this project if you merely want to write posts on BMTC - regular web site and blogs are good enough for that.

Praja RAAG

Meeting regarding BMTC

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14 Sep 2009 18:30

There is a tentative meeting on how we can arrange a one day event like bus day etc.

We would be meeting on Monday (14th Sept) Koramangala around 6:30 PM. Mithila from BMTC would be joining this meeting as well and will help us in whichever way possible.

All those who would be interested to come please let me know. Once the time and venue is finalized I will inform everyone.

BMTC Meeting Presentation and Minutes

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We had a meeting with the CTM(O) of BMTC, the first half a presentation was presented by Praja (attached below)

There were a couple of topics discussed ranging from how to publicize BMTC to feeder minibusses.

A list of suggestions was also given to BMTC. The list of suggestion has been put up in a different

Praja - BMTC meeting

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28 Aug 2009 18:00
28 Aug 2009 19:00

Praja-BMTC Meeting: 6 - 7 pm, Friday, 28th August, 2009 at BMTC Office, Double Road, (Over Big Bazaar) Bangalore

BMTC email update

Following are the latest updates from BMTC

On RTI: Per plan, first attempt would be to get as much information as possible from the BMTC via directly from the respective officials. BMTC has been contacted regarding the same and they will get back to us with right officials we need to contact.

BMTC Meeting Update - Need innovative ideas!

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Today, a small team of Praja members interacted with Traffic Team at BMTC headed by the CTM(O). Following are the minutes of the meeting:

The agenda was to look at ways to popularize and increase the ridership of the Volvo services. A two way approach was suggested -

BMTC-RTI Meeting Minutes and updates

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Meeting minutes - April 25, 2009

Participants - rithesh, kbsyed61

Points/Action Items-

List of questions For BMTC project

Before taking the BMTC project forward we should have a list of queries ready. A list of questions for BMTC RTIs are given below.  Lets finalize the list and get going.

BMTC - focus areas and recent initiatives


Taking things forward from our last Praja meet and to brain storm and plan activities on tracking BMTC initiatives, here's my bit to get things started on a few things that deserve note.

1. Big-10 and HOHO services - scalability and scope for improvements.


Closing this landmark Project

Closing this project, sort of a landmark one as this is what lead to Mobilicity (first), and then the Bus Day initiative.

Those who want to re-run this in 2010 should create a new project. People change, and so will the objective as some members are anyway engaging with BMTC via Bus Day support work.

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