Good news - we will soon get "Bangalore suburban rail", Namma Railu is chugging ahead!

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Commuter Rail

We are on track to get a "Bengaluru Suburban Rail". Yes, that is the formal name of the project!! Sharing this good news we heard today regarding Namma Railu, here are some more specifics.

We have been hearing for over a week now that the a Namma Railu (Commuter Rail Service) proposal forwarded by DULT was sitting at CM's office for approval by state government. We now know that the project has been approved! Here is what we know about this development, please bear with us if this is sketchy or slightly inaccurate (will correct as and when we know more and better). And we expect our journalist friends to share this development in detail through mainstream media.

  • Project to be called "Bangalore Suburban Railway".
  • Approval given for DPR of Phase-1 (we assume phase-1 as described in the feasibility report done by RITES)
  • DULT has already started the process of getting this DPR done
  • A proposal is to create a new Bangalore Suburban Rail Corporation Limited. Get used to the new acronym BSRCL if we got that right! This is the most likely SPV for the project
  • DULT got the approval (aka the "file" back) from state government/CM just two days ago

Like all the readers, we all want to know more about this development. While the development is definitely exciting and a very good news, we want to understand what are the likely next hurdles for the project if at all there are some. To be more specific:

  • What approvals are required from Indian Railways side if any?
  • Is the ball completely clear from state government side (answer here seems to be yes!)?
  • Estimated timelines for completing the DPR
  • Timeline for formation of BSRCL (after the DPR, before or during?), and a likely date when BSRCL will start overseeing the project

Cheers to everyone who has contributed to the project. DULT, CiSTUP and of course the Namma Railu musketeers here led by Sanjeev/Sathya/Syed. And more backers we may not have met or know about!

SB aka Pranav on behalf of Praja RAAG

PS: attached image is a schematic from Praja RAAG Namma Railu Report, shared here just as a representation.



Hoping for newspapers to cover this in detail

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Really looking forward to seeing more details on this in the newspapers.

If this is indeed "THE go ahead for the project, I think we should organize a "send flowers" campaign for state governemnt (CM and DULT?)

Awesome progress

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Excellent work by DULT, they have progressed this project beautifully from the beginning. Hats of to them and all the other supporters of inclusive transport for all at costs that wont rip the exchequer pockets like the fancy ones do.

The ball is now in the Railway Ministry's court, where there is hope, what with the stars being aligned and all...

called "suburban" for a reason I guess

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I kind of like the "suburban rail" name. Specifies a clear focus for the project/SPV.

  • Suburban area focused public transport system for Bangalore
  • A railway system to connect suburban areas with the city, or with each other.

Removes any conflict of vision with the urban rail aka Metro. And brings the word "suburban" into focus, hopefully to create and push more concepts related to the cluster based development model as opposed to the current "how far are you from the CBD" model.

Believe it or not

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There used to be a daily service from City Station to HAL to bring employees till the late 80s.  There was also one to KR Puram for ITI.   As kids we used to wait to watch first the steam loco (till the early 80s) and then the diesel loco do its rounds.

The train used to come to Vimanapura station which is close to the end of Suranjan Das Road near HAL Hospital.  The track after BEML was removed about 10 years back.

With doubling done till Ramanagara, Tumkur, Bangarpet and also happening on towards yelahanka, track capacity should not be a bottleneck to at least twice an hour service. 

The bus lobby especially towards Mysore will try hard to not let this see the light of day. 

And well done IDS, Sanjeev and Syed.


Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

Finally new Govt cleared the CRS

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With new Govt giving go-green signal,  with both Govt at state & center with good relation and Railway Minsiter from Karnataka,  its right time to go for SPV for Bangalore Commuter Rail  and let other actions like DPR, when to introduce, how much to fund can fall in line.  If the State Govt sends officals request to Railway Minister for thei Suburban Rail, things will start moving other wise,  we need to wait for another 2 years.

HAL had rail connectivity long back

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Exisiting Track along Suranjan Das Road next BEML had shuttel services from City station. In my office, some old people had used  these services during their childhood.   Imagine reaching Old Airport  entrance from City station in just 30 Min by the Rail.

Similarly  their was  trains starting Yelahanka  and going  upto Bangarpet.  This was exists during meter gauge.  This info saw during visit in Mysore Rail Museum.  Same facility has been withdrawn by Railway after gauge conversion.

If  any one has photos of these place running trains during those days, we should  make use them and make authorities.

Commuter rail system gets nod

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The State government formally approved the Bangalore Commuter/Suburban Rail System (CRS) earlier this week.

V Manjula, Commissioner, Department of Urban Land Transport, said on Saturday that the department was now in the process of preparing a detailed project report (DPR) for Phase I-A of the CRS.

“We have received the approval from the government for Phase I-A of the CRS and are in the process of preparing the DPR,” she confirmed.


As per the RITES (Rail India Technical and Economic Service) report, submitted in August 2012, Phase I-A will provide electrified train facilities on the two routes of Bangalore-Bangarpet and Bangalore-Mandya.

However, putting a spanner in the aspirations of the State government to start the commuter rail system, the Railways has said it cannot fund the project in Bangalore.

While it has given its ‘in-principle’ approval for the project, the Railways has said it will not absorb any financial burden for the project.

Rail systems facing loss

According to sources in the Railway Board, all the suburban railway systems in the country are making losses. So, speculations are rife over the Railways bearing portions of the cost to start the project.

Manjula said the department had already approached the Railways for a partnership deal on the project, but elicited no response.

“We will approach the Railways again and seek their support,” she said.

While the initial cost estimate for Phase I-A is put at Rs 174 crore, not factoring in the Binny Mills land cost, the final figures of the financial burden are yet to be estimated.

With the minimum infrastructure available for starting the Commuter/Suburban Rail System along the two lines, the government appears to have favoured this portion of the project before Phase I.

‘Acquire Binny Mill’

Meanwhile, in its suggestions, the Railways has also made it clear that the State government would have to acquire the Binny Mill land for the CRS. The RITES report had said: “To put in simple and plain words, without the Binny Mill land, there may not be a Commuter/Suburban Rail System.”

It is said the Railways does not want to share any of its platform infrastructure for the CRS at the City Railway Station as it would hamper the existing services to and from the heart of the City.

The two routes for Phase I-A as per the route map generated by DULT

   * Bangalore City-Nayandahalli-Jnanabharathi-Kengeri-Hejjala-Bidadi-Ramanagara
   * Bangalore City-Bangalore Cantonment-Bangalore East- Krishnarajapuram-Whitefield-Devanagonthi-Malur

Finally GOK  has made up its mind  on the CRS.   I do not understand why Bangalore should get such bad treatment  from Indian Railways.  

If  particular mode of  urban Transport  is bleeding,  does  it mean that do not provide the urban transport to citizens of other parts of country.  Its like saying, water supply & electricity boards are always making huge losses, so stop providing any further electricity or water supply to new area by the Govt????

GoK has to be pro-active

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IR's bad treatment for Karnataka & it's rigid, inflexible ways are all too well known + they are also facing the worst financial crisis - so no surprise that they are not going to do any funding. This was doubly confirmed when the RITES report was out.

Ph-1A (6 up/down services on SBC-BWT & SBC-MYA) requires minimum effort from SWR (i.e. 5 MEMUs, conversion of SBC–BNC to twin single line system, BNC-BYPL automatic signalling, 4 pit lines at BYP & 2 additional pit lines at YPR).

It is GoK that has to fund IR immediately & then demand introduction of the services within say 9 months, instead of asking for another DPR - this is nothing but a delaying tactic whilst in principle, they keep saying that it is again "approved".

How many times do they have to approve & how many DPRs are necessary just for a few additions to enable services to begin? Maybe we need to meet Manjula madam & ask what another DPR was for - it makes no sense to write out DPR after DPR when what is necessary has already been clearly outlined & the necessities are just 5 MEMUs & a few upgrades - activities that are routinely being done by IR where they please, but not where they are locally demanded.

Time for second step!

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It is said, a great journey is not complete with the first step, it continues with 2nd step.

However skeptic we may be, the fact is CRS has made a signficant progress since the fresh campaign began in May 2010 with that Train journey to Hosur.

It pays to be optimist and hopeful. Thanks to many supporters here on Praja and outside CRS is seeing progress that was never seen in the past. The reluctance on part of railways, GOK is known all along. Some say nothing news in the current approval claims; I may respectfully ask them to check again.

As of 2010, when the Praja members like Naveen, Sanjeev, IDS, silkboard, Rao and others started to pursue CRS, everybody from SWR to GOK had resigned to the fact that it is not doable given the odds against it. Each one has their own reasons for those sentiments. Now in 2013, is it the case? Where does CRS stands now?

Today as of July 2013,

  • We have a RITES report, official Railway's entity, endorsing a case for CRS, laying down a road map and all the capacity full, feasibility discussions are laid to rest.
  • CRS has been given official approval by the GOK
  • CRS has been given inprincipal approval from Railways
  • DULT now has official green signal to start the Phase 1A DPR

Therefore there is reason not only to smile again, but to celebrate the crossing of first hurdle. As I said, this is a first step. This journey is not complete unless the 2nd step is taken, i.e. move towards starting initial services what Naveen, Sanjeev are talking about.

The 2nd step is the implementation of Phase-1A as recommended in RITES report. Here is the synopsis of that Phase-1A -

Time to continue the journey, not halt abruptly.

commuter rail with a difference

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As we in Blr are looking out for a structured suburban r rail..not very far from here people are already using a  similar system and also fighting for it!!

As many as 800 people, including women and children, staged a ‘rail-roko’ at Beeravalli junction in K.R. Pet taluk on Sunday afternoon after Shimoga-Chamarajanagar passenger train did not halt at the junction.

more here 

Only wish our public too could realise the importance of commuter rail and do this style of strike!

Congrats to Prajavaadis

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Congrats to the key Prajavaadis for their contributions in making this happen.  Thanks

Unwanted Long Distance Trains .. Bleeding into the pockets of IR

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Many of the long distances are extended to cities like Mysore which sometimes runs in inconvenient timings and hence totally empty and results in losses. These losses are not accounted nor considered.

These trains will also congest the tracks and stations thereby taking away the precious slots that could be used for commuter rails.

We should push for EDGE Stations such as Byappanahalli / Whitefield / Yeshwantpur / Kengeri / Nayandahalli / Yelahanka which could have both CRS and Metro Integration. This would allow the bandwidth for commuter rail within Bangalore.

No need to wait for Binny Mill Land.

Coaching/Passenger Terminals!

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RITES report has dealt this subject in detail and have recommended to convert SBC, YPR, BNC to be 100% passenger terminal with NO shuting or maintenance activities.

The said report recommends developing stations like BYP, Hejjala, Yelahanka to be Coaching terminals with facilities for maintenance, stablizing and idling purposes.

I believe same holds good for all the major stations in the country including Mysore also.


Deccan Chronicle on GOK approval to CRS!

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Source - Deccan Chronicle

"...The feasibility study has been completed, based on which we now have the approval of both the state and central governments to prepare a DPR. We will begin a DPR for Phase 1A of the project,” said V. Manjula, Commissioner, DULT.The DPR has been given to RITES, which is expected to submit the report in four months’ time, Manjula said..."

 "...The 10 platforms at the Majestic station are fully occupied and there are hardly any slots on any platform for additional trains. If commuter trains from three directions — Bangarpet, Byappanahalli and Mysore have to be handled, the station would require atleast two more additional platforms exclusively for the commuter trains,” a senior railway official said. Manjula, however, said, “We will work with the railways on the project and once we have the DPR, we will see to land-related issues as well and they will be resolved.”

Platforms overultilized?

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Just looked up for departures out of SBC.  Randomly picked PF2 for departure data.  Here are the departures from PF2

Time                Train No

0615                 2677

0800                 2610

1400                 8464

1820                 2786

1935                 6522

5 trains through the full day.  This is called underutilization of precious real estate.

Then PF1

0630                2608

0715                6514

0900                2295

1320                7209

1510                2640

1600                1014 (pass through - rake reversal)

1920                 2627

2000                 6530

2240                 2658

A grand total of 9 trains.  They actually manage to run two long distance trains with 20+ coaches within 40 mins (2627 K Express and 6530 U Express) - which should be the norm.

Arriving trains - someone can check.  But arriving trains should vacate the PF within 30 minutes.  Is there any earthly reason for them to hang around the station occupying a PF.  But do check the PFs.  There will be trains that have arrived even 2 hours before hanging about.

Tokyo Shinkansen has 6 Platforms and they manage 200 + trains a day each direction.

IR will find a hundred excuses not to start this.  One of my friends (used to work in IR) said that they hate commuter train services because there is no money in it.



Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

More data

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There are about 107 trains that touch SBC = 214 services ~220 services.  Of these about 15-20 are not daily trains.  So about 90 daily trains = 180 daily services.  Of these about 65 originate at SBC.  The other trains (about 25) pass through.

We have 10 platforms available for say  17 hours (0500 to 2200) = 170 platform hours.

Pass through services = 50 use the platforms for 50*10 minutes = 500 minutes = say 10 hours.

Originating departing trains = 65 use the platform for 1 hour each = 65 hours

Arriving terminating trains = 65 use the platform for 45 minutes each = 48 hours. 

A total of 123 hours.  Which leaves a comfortable 30 platform hours for commuter trains.  If they are mostly pass through = 5 minutes dwell time, we can have 100 services in each direction theoretically.  Even removing for peak periods, etc, we can comfortably manage 50 trains in each direction.

It is a question of being organized to manage this - which IR is far from.



Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

Re: Data

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Would like to offer a POV...if the services are planned NOT to go towards Cantonment from SBC then platforms 1 to 8 are not to be considered for any calculations of availability.  From a services perspective, only those lines going via Nayadanahalli (towards Kengeri) or via Malleshwaram (towards Yeshwanthpur) would be from platform 9 (or is it 8?) onwards perhaps.

Need to check whether the number of IR services in those directions are lower than those coming/going via Cantt railway station. That is the distributionof the 65 services identified by Srivathsa ji

I am sure that even with this "constraint" of a max of 3-4 platforms available for CRS, IR's point that they cannot run commuter train services w/o being given the Binny Mills land may not hold out very well.

If electrification is a constraint, they could introduce DEMU's instead of MEMUs. Also they could limit the services to start with from 5 am to 10 am and 5 pm to 10 pm or provide more services in those times, and very few between 10 am and 5 pm if it helps reduce losses.  

PF 5 onwards is okay to Mysore

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Platforms 5 onwards are okay towards Mysore.  Platforms 7 onwards are okay towards Tumkur. 

Here is the distribution of regular daily (> 5 days/week) by platform.

PF1 - 9

PF2 - 5

PF3 - 2

PF4 - 1 (!!)

PF5 - 7 (of which 4 pass through with 10-15 mins halt)

PF6 -  9 (of which 3 pass through)

PF7 - 10 (3 pass through)

PF8 - 10 (all orginate terminate)

PF9 - 13 ( 3 pass through)

PF10 - 6

Unknown 6 - mostly towards Tumkur - so we can distribute them over 7,8,9, 10)

PF 2,3, and 4 are grossly underutilized.  Clearly no PF constraint for services towards Whitefield and Hosur.

PF 5 and 6 are also underutilized - given that they handle 3 and 6 originating trains - so services towards Kengeri, Bidadi and Ramanagara are not an issue.

And PF10 is also underutilized - at least an hourly service towards Nelamangala should not be a problem.




Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

Result of piecemeal additions & lack of long term plan!

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Your analysis is bang on and this has been acknowledged and dealt in detailed in RITES report - Sec 6.3.

The inefficiency st SBC and other stations stems from various structural flaws. The current status is, leave alone any slot for CRS, there is hardly any slot for any additional NEW train.

The investment that is called in for CRS project, i.e. 8500 crores, out of which major portion is for fixing these infrastructure inefficiencies and help increase the railway's operational capacity in and around Bangalore.

Also it is time for IR to change their operational strategies like,

  • Converting SBC, YPR to be 100% passenger terminals
  • Create new Coaching terminals at places like Hejjala, Yelahanka, BYP etc
  • Plan for enough Pit lines, Maintenance lines, stabilizing, Idling lines at all 4 corners of the city.


Got it

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So the constraint is not the platform itself, but in clearing out the platforms quickly for arriving trains.  And the reason for that is there are not enough maintenance and stabilizing lines. 

I wonder if keeping the long term in mind the government made a blunder not creating a multi-modal hub at BIAL with long distance trains origination from here to Mysore (via SBC), Chennai via Yelahanka, Yeshwantpur and SBC, Bangalore Cantt, Hyderabad, etc with then a HSRL from the city.  If wishes were horses...


Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

More on platforms/Tracks

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"...The acutely overstretched Bangalore City Railway Station (Code: SBC) could dramatically improve its efficiency if converted from a terminal to a pass-through station..."

Source - RailNews

Actions within hand

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Until commuter rail gets proper infrastructure, why not extend some trains till Mysore which can act like commuter rail. This will reduce the burden on existing trains and give more bandwidth to commuters.


One such thing is to start Bangalore - Arokkonam Passenger which starts at 9:20 from SBC, could be started  from Mysore after the Mysore - Bangalore Passenger. This train is extensively used by office goers in KR Puram and Whitefield. This allows them to start from Kengeri / Jnanabharathi / Nayandahalli. This will also reduce the burden on SBC.

Other option is to extend the Chamundi Express from Mysore till Bangarpet / Malur. This train will also be lying idle in SBC.

Actually, lot of trains (coming from outside) in the morning goes towards Mysore, whereas lot of commuters come to Bangalore in the morning.



Time to implement CRS now!

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Now that project has been approved by both GOK and GOI, it is time to start implementing it. The Phase1-A will mitigate some of the issues that you have mentioned on BLR-MYS and BLR-Bangarpet sections. Meanwhile plan for SPV, Phase-1 for implementation in next 2-3 years.

Lets put our efforts to keep the pressure on GOK/SWR to keep moving on CRS. If things have to sorted out at SBC, lets do it now. Why settle for less.

Double standards

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Note the contents of this article In the article the SPV has been setup first, the DPR will be commissioned by the SPV based on need. This is exact opposite  of what is happening in case of BSRCL. The DPR is being done wasting time & there is no mention of SPV being created. While there is a strong case laid out clearly in the RITES report for Bangalore, where is the feasibility study for the NCR SPV? 

It has more do with State Gov than anybody else?

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You can't blame GOI or IR railways for messed up priorities of your projects. When there is 50-50 partnership for many Railway projects, CRS can't be expected to be differently. It has more do with state's ability to get GOI/IRs nod for equal partnership.

More so it has to do with how our state politicians, MPs and MLAs,  lobby with IR for the projects. One just need to take a look at the questions asked by Karnataka MPS in parliament. Compare them to the questions lined by Kerala MPs.

Buck stops with state politicians. Only the crying baby gets attention............

GOK Dreams big of Bengaluru - One India News

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Source - One India News

"...Connecting the city with the suburbs and the satellite cities would be the next point of interest for the government. With the metro rail constructions already missing deadline, transportation and communication in the city projects a sorry state.

However, the government sees the potential of economic benefit in a circular railway conncetion to towns like Tumkur, Devanahalli, Hoskote, Yelahanka, Hosur, Anekal, Kengeri, Ramnagara, Doddballapur; this, in fact, can spur economic growth. Moreover, it can not only decongest Bangalore, but also develop the surrounding towns.
In fact, The Rail Indian Technical and Economic Services (RITES) had conducted a feasibility Study of the proposed project and the final report submitted in November 2012 batted for the commuter rail..."



Can Bengaluru become a connected mega city?

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Source - PostNoon

"...Economic growth beyond the city limits

With concentration of economic activity in Bangalore often leading to dire consequences, the need for expanding the growth in Bangalore to surrounding towns has been espoused by many experts. The Congress also seems to recognise this reality as its party manifesto proposes the creation of a Greater Bengaluru Region with infrastructure and administrative connections with surrounding cities like Kolar, Chikballapura, Doddaballapura, Ramnagara, Tumkur, Kanakapura..."

"...As many studies have pointed out, the development of physical infrastructure and transportation facilities for the city and its surrounding areas has the potential to spur growth and increase economic activities. Will the Siddaramaiah government put the development of Bangalore as a priority and allocate sufficient funds for its development? Will it address the infrastructural and transportation difficulties faced by its citizens and fulfill the electoral promises? The announcements in the upcoming budget and the subsequent decisions taken by the state government will signal the approach the new government has towards the city’s development..."


Coverage in 'The Hindu'

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Source - The Hindu

"...Activists of Praja, a public advocacy organisation which had been canvassing for the Commuter Rail Service for last four years, feel the circumstances for kick-starting the project could not have been more fortuitous as Congress veteran from the State Mallikarjun Kharge is heading the Railway Ministry and elections to the Lok Sabha are round the corner. Says Sathya Sankaran, “This opportunity should not be missed by the State Government. Phase 1A should be rolled out before the code of conduct kicks in and setting up of BSRCL announced, which can implement the rest of the phases.”


President of the Praja, Muralidhar Rao, hails the decision and says the Suburban Rail Service is the most cost-effective connectivity solution towards expanding development around Bangalore. He says a km of the Suburban Rail Service would cost Rs. 20 crore while a km of Namma Metro costs the exchequer Rs. 350 crore besides causing damage to property and the environment.

He says the city fathers of Bangalore must learn from the failure of DAM (Delhi Airport Metro) which has been given up. “We cannot afford such white elephants and need to rework our priorities in sync with our constraints.”


Karnataka budget

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It's a great day for all 'Prajagalu'. A whopping sum of 8759 cr allocated for CRS , if newspaper reports r to be believed. Let us now strive to channelise this in right direction.

CRS for Bangalore

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Kudos to for initiating campaign through nammarailu group on Commuter Rail System for Bangalore City. It is being talked by not public but those in power. It has find a place in the GoK Budget for 2013-14 presented by the Chief Minister on 12.7.2013. We hope DPR will be prepared within a reasonable time limit and approval obtained from the appropriate authorities for implementing CRS, especially at a time when we have Shri Mallikarjuna Kharge as the Minister of Railways.

Being a member in the Bangalore Division Rail Users Consultative Committee of SW Railways, I would like to take this opportunity to suggest that the CRS has to be extended upto Bangarapet from Bangalore in the Phase IA itself. Because there are around 15000 season tickets from KGF area, 10000 from Bangarapet and Kolar area and more than 5000 from Malur area. With just 8 or 9 DEMU/MEMU formations that are running at present commuters and general travelling public finding it very difficult to travel to Bangalore. Hence CRS in Phae IA itself upto Bangarapet, an electrified route, will help commuters in a greater way.

Till the time CRS is implemented, let the SW Railway run DEMU/MEMU formation with 18 bogies to cater to the rush. It can be carried out on a trial basis also. And a couple of trains can be run on Sundays also as is being done in Mysore Side. Hope the Railways authorities evince interest on the suggestions in these line as an immediate solution till the time CRS is implemented.




A thank you note to Siddu? Coming soon

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What a week! We kind of knew this before the budget presentation itself through DULT. But now that CM has spoken things, our dream (Siddu-Kharge, Praja folks, sustainable mobility planners, suburban residents, etc etc) is on the deck for fulfillment!

Time to send a thank you note to Siddu, what say? The internet is full of petitions and what not. How about we do the reverse and send thank you notes to Siddu (the approver, since he mentioned this in the budget) & DULT (the proposer, key backer for the Namma Railu campaign this far!).

We will setup a automated petition type "say thank you to CM Siddu" righ here ASAP. Look fwd to Praja folks and readers sending notes of encouragement along with the thank you!

Congrats to Praja team and all

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Excellent work. Praja and others

Please continue to keep track so that the quality of implementation does not suffer (Train stations, having feeder services, integration with metrol and bus etc) Many times projects dont do well because the implementation quality is not upto the mark

I think you guys have shown the potential. This is but a step to convert it to a best implemented project as well


New Shuttel service between Bangalore -Tumkur soon

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“A new train would be run which starts from Tumkur at 8 am as soon as possible,” he said. He also promised upgrading platforms, a railway underpass and a skywalk in the city, all in a phased manner. About 8,000 passengers, including 4,500 people with season tickets, travel between the two cities daily. Hitherto, they were travelling in the Sholapur-Bangalore Kurkure Express which would arrive here at 8.30 am. They were affected as the time of the train was rescheduled.

With one more service will get added to the couple of services and along with sanctioned Marikuppam - Bangalore city to be started.

Tumkur MP went with more then 500 daily commuters on Saturday

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Along with MP G S Basavaraj, With more then 500 people gathering at Tumkur  Railway Station,  when Railway Minister Mallikarjuna Khrage was going to Londa for function on Saturday on special train,  they forced  Railway officials to stop  his train to submit their demands.

In the process,  they are getting new shuttel service of DEMU mostly soon in next one month.

Yelahanka may be developed as a full-fledged railway terminus

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Bangalore City and Yeshwanthpur cannot take more trains’

Railway Minister M. Mallikarjun Kharge has said that the Railways was considering developing the Yelahanka Railway Station in Bangalore as a full-fledged third terminus to overcome the shortage of platforms at Bangalore City and Yeshwantpur railway stations.

Addressing a press conference here on Sunday, Mr. Kharge said that both Bangalore City and Yeshwantpur railway stations have reached the saturation point and more trains cannot be accommodated there.

“As passengers want trains to reach Bangalore City in the morning hours, it has become impossible for the Railways to meet fresh demands for new trains from different centres,” he said.

He said that the proposal for developing Yelahanka as a full-fledged terminus was still in the initial stages and the cost involved and other logistics would be worked out soon.

Mr. Kharge said that there was a proposal before the Railways to introduce a new train from Bidar to Bangalore, but as the demand is for a night train, the proposal was kept pending due to the non availability of platforms either at Bangalore City or Yeshwantpur in the morning hours.

To a question, Mr. Kharge said that the Solapur-Yeshwantpur superfast express, which runs on alternate days now, would be made regular train from September 15.

Shortage of rakes was another problem and the rate of production of coaches did not match with the number of new trains announced by the Ministry, Mr Kharge said.

About the new projects to be taken up by the Railways, Mr. Kharge said that the main focus would be on ongoing projects. He would try to find additional resources to complete them rather than hurriedly announcing new projects.


‘Proposal in initial stages; cost and other logistics being worked out’

Where next?

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Yelahanka may be developed as a full-fledged railway terminus

Earlier, they had 'announced' that Baiyyappanahalli would become a "world-class" third terminal for Bangalore. Now, its Yelahanka. Where will they 'announce' third terminal next? Whitefield or maybe Malur? All this is just talk, no action on the ground & nothing that can be believed.

Bangalore Rail Users Consultative Committee

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@ram14025 - Glad to see your note and to know that use are a member of Bangalore Rail users Consultative Committee.  Here is a question for you.  There are many of thes4e committee's and assocations around India Railways.  Some time back, I saw a you tube video on Hosur Rail User's association.

Anyone traveling second class in evening and night trains out of BLR can attest to the huge pent up demand for commuter rail service to neighboring towns.  I have once traveled RAC where the compartment was full of commuters till Bangarpet.

So the question is, can you help get alist and contacts in each of these associations and help reach out to them so there is more of a public voice for Namma Railu?

Deccan Chronicle - Suburban railway gets green light

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Bengaluru: CM Siddaramaiah, has taken a step in the right direction for Bengaluru’s Suburban Railway, a solution that might actually prove effective in decongestion of city roads. Although a whopping Rs 8,759 crores has been pumped in, the CM has failed to address certain potential hurdles.

The Chief Minister has announced phase – 1 of the sub urban railway system connecting Bengaluru to Tumkur and Ramanagaram, after a feasibility study was conducted through a tender sure project. He has also proposed to invest Rs. 8,759 crore by setting up a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) to execute the project.

Deputy Railway Manager (DRM) S. Mani, told Deccan Chronicle that the South Western Railway (SWR) has given its inputs toward the project, during the co-ordination meeting.

In order to turn the railway project into a reality, the government must acquire Binny Mill land. Unless the land is acquired, the project may not be executed, he said.

Since Mainline Electric Multiple Unit (MEMU) coaches are being used in phase – 1, there is a need to establish MEMU sheds for maintenance. It will be difficult to maintain coaches without MEMU sheds, said Mani.

As far as the project is concerned, the SWR has no issues and the state government has agreed to pump in the money for the project. Railways expertise lies in running trains and the SWR extends its support, Mani promised.


Yelahanka as third railway terminus.

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It is surprising to see that the Minister of Railways, Shri Mallikarjuna Kharge has spoken about making Yelahanka as a third railway terminus. Since years, the Ministry of Railways were talking about making Byappanahalli as next railway terminus after Bangalore City and Yeshwanthapura. Technically speaking, towards Chennai and beyond have increased like anything and demand to run more trains is on the  increase. Hence, making Byappanahalli as another terminus will certainly reduce pressure on the availability of platforms and other infrastructure at Bangalore City. Moreover, Byappanahalli is also having Metro Terminus which will serve passengers alighting at Byappanahalli to travel towards city areas. I am sure this move of the railways making Byappanahalli as a terminus will get immediate attention and priority of the Minister of Railways.

Regarding additional coaches required to meet the demand for running new trains, I would like to suggest that BEML Limited have two Divisions i.e. one in Bangalore and the other one in Kolar Gold Fields manufacturing conventional coaches apart from other coaches like Metro, DEMU/MEMU/OHE, etc. Required infrastructure are available with BEML and if need be, the railways can financially assist them to introduce latest technology in production of high speed conventional coaches, etc, which will certainly make them to increase production. Also a long term contract, say for next 10 years, for supply of coaches will be a boon to BEML, a Defence Public Sector Undertaking. This assured long term contract may make BEML management to think of a full-fledged Coach Factory at Kolar Gold Fields, where land is also available with BEML. Moreover, the present CMD of BEML Limited, Shri Dwarakanath, is a pioneer in the field of manufacture of railway coaches, whose consultation by the Railways will certainly solve shortage of coaches to a greater extent in the years to come.




Divisional Rail Users Consultative Committee, South Western Rly

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This refers to sanjayv's reaction on 16th July. In fact, this Divisional Rail Users Consultative Committee (DRUCC) is constituted (as a policy of Indian Railways) by the respective Divisonal Railway authorities, wherein representtives from various Travellers & Merchants Associations, Chambers of Commerce, political nominations by the MPs, the respective jurisdiction nominated as members with a 2-year tenure.

Likewise we have Zonal Rail Users Consultative Committee(ZRUCC) and National Rail Users Consultative Committee (NRUCC).

The present Committee was constituted by the Bangalore Division of South Western Railway for a period of two years from March 2013 to Feb 2015. I represent Travellers Association (Regd) of Kolar as a member in the DRUCC and one more member is from the Bangalore-Kengeri Travellers Association. I dont have details about Bangalore-based Associations.


Lets know how DRUCC can help in pushing Commuter Rail

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Thanks for taking active participation on the need  for Commuter Rail / Suburban Rail.   As DRUCC committe of Bangalore should  write letter to curent Railway Minister to sanction more Suburban Coaches like DEMU / MEMU / EMU for Bangalore on priority without waiting for State Govt contribution.  This is an opportunity to get the things started for Bangalore.  You can contact us on : 9448135837 

What's the status now??

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So now that the project has been cleared from the govt, what's the status?

What is happening at the moment? Has the DPR taken off ? 

When is the DPR scheduled to complete? 

The govt need not wait for the DPR and can start the services right away. Is there any way that we convey our thoughts regarding this to the CM? 

Just want the commuter rail to chug as soon as poosible!

Would love to do any kind of help in this regard.


Thank You



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The Namma Metro connection upto Yeshwantpur is nearing completion. However, the same cannot be said about connection to Yelahanka (which is only planned for phase 3, for which report will itself take approx 1 and half years).

Till then, why not introduce Commuter Rail System between Yelahanka to Yeshwantpur, where people can alight at Yeshwantpur, and then take metro, if required. Doubling of this track, I suppose should not take more than 6 months, and introduction of CRS in One year. We can have:

1. Hourly service from 0600 to 0900 hours, 1100 to 1700 hours, and 2000 to 2300 hours (If some superfast train is scheduled, then 5 minutes after the departure of that train).

2. 20-minute frequency service from 0900 to 1100 hours and 1700 to 2000 hours.

(This is just a small fraction of the service in Mumbai, where service begins at 0400 and lasts till 0100 hours, with a frequency of 2 to 6 minutes).

Moreover, parking lots have also been newly constructed here, so people can come in their own vehicle (cycle, 2wheeler or car), park them, and travel by train (for faster travel and eradication of traffic jams etc).

An additional station at Judicial Layout can be constructed as well (to cater to residents of Judicial Layout and Allalasandra).

The same can be thought about for the Yelahanka -Baiyappanahalli stretch also later on.

Also, the trip could be extended to Devanahalli/Doddaballapur also, once these routes are doubled and electrified as well.

Yesvantpur - Tumkur New morning service will soon start

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As per the information,  Railway Minister most likely will flag off this train from Tumkur coming this Saturday and timing will be 8AM from Tumkur.

If we can approach  Railway Minister Mallikarjun Kharge,  things will start for Bangalore Suburban Rail.  Bangalore suburban Rail can take off if  Railway Minister sanctions couple of coaches like MEMU : 40 Nos and  DEMU  40 Nos.  With this we can have 3/4 rakes of each MEMU and 3/4 rakes of DEMU.

So these rakes can run in major directions arround Bangalore : Towards Tumkur, Ramangaram, Chikballapur, Bangarpet, Hosur


@sanjeev - Exact timing of Minister's program!

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Do you know the exact timing of Railway Minister's program and location? if yes, may be can give a try like what Tumkur MP did to get that train.