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Saaku! - Dec 11, near Hockey Stadium

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11 Dec 2010 09:30

Check out all the activities in the anti-corruption week, beginning today at , or in the attachment. And, participate in every which way you can, more specifically in the rally starting 9.30AM at Kanteerva stadium (UB junction) and ending at Hockey stadium on Saturday, the 11th Dec, followed by various events, including a musical performance by the noted "Thermal and a Quarter" on the corruption theme.

Muralidhar Rao

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Corruption a formidable enemy needs to be contained

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 Corruption is the main cause of the decay and rotting of the entire world including our own nation that is India. It needs to be contained if not irradiated. Corruption is the mechanism by which one circumvents / violates the very laws one creates so as to amass wealth. 

“But never before has corruption reached the astronomical heights and the moral lows as with the 2 G Scam, Commonwealth Games and Adarsh Housing Society. 

While showing the door to Katta, Yeddi excluded him self from the Lokaukta investigation is the latest bulletin on corruption. 

I am coming. Thanks Murali sir, for the hurried post. 

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Praja @ saaku

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 Ashwin Mahesh flanked by Praja members PS Ananthram (left) & Ritesh (right). comment guidelines

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