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Why it's difficult for me to consider voting for Congress

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The secret owners of the secreted monies operate in secrecy — venal businessmen, corrupt politicians, public servants, drug lords, and criminal gangs like the D-company. The slush monies are the financial RDX for terror, besides weapons of mass destruction of national and global finance. That there is secret money is no more a secret. Only the amounts and persons are secret.

See the consequence even if part of it is brought back. A portion of it would make India free from all external debts which is now over $220 billion; India will transform into an economic superpower; some 10 or 15 Indian rupees could buy a US dollar which today 50 Indian rupees cannot; a litre of petrol on our roadside would cost Rs 15 or even less, against today’s 50 plus; the cost of imports in rupee terms would be down to a third or half; India’s entire infrastructure needs can be funded; India will become so energy efficient and costcompetitive that exporters may need no sops at all; India will lend to — not, as it does now, borrow from — the world; Indian housing can be funded at affordable cost; rural poverty can be wiped out... The list is endless. But, then, is it possible to bring back the secreted monies? What are the roadblocks to such efforts?  

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When the crusade of the West against Swiss banks is succeeding, here Dr Manmohan Singh and his government, instead of celebrating, seem to be worried at their success. Three bits of evidence expose the Congress-led government’s not-so-well-hidden worry.

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This is too serious an issue not to weigh on the voters' minds this election. And, the Congress bigwigs have just been evading all discussions on it, even as parties like the BJP have openly committed to do everything to bring the entire wealth back to the country.

Muralidhar Rao


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Arun Shourie on the subject

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Given that even small countries like Ireland have already got their money back, is it not a shame that the Swiss Ambassador to India is openly stating that his government has not received any request from the Indian government?

The real question is can the money looted from India be brought back to the country when the attitude of the government continues to be as determinedly inactive as that of the present government? Can the government which allowed Ottavio Quattrocchi to take his money out of banks — where it was lying frozen on court orders — be trusted to bring back the loot that is lying in Swiss banks and other tax havens? Can the government which prostituted the CBI so that he may get away from Argentina be trusted to bring the loot back?

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Muralidhar Rao

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