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Why do you own a car?

Is fuel supply the only concern for car owners. They may need a rethink.

What about pollution from vehicle emission?

What about having the localised heating that car-dependent built-up creates à which combined with sedentary lifestyles (also as a function of time wasted in traffic jams cutting into physical activity time) leads to sudden jump in air-conditioning use. This in turn leads to:

Load shedding and more pollution from diesel-generators.

Escalation in Road construction costs – bitumen, cement, diesel – coupled with govt. Inefficiencies leads to incomplete or dusty roads further increasing pollution

Such a cauldron creates unhappy, road-raged drivers. Combined with the laxity in issuing driving licenses to every tom, dick and harry in the country and the unwillingness of good drivers to drive at certain times.

At the same time, it causes discomfort and severance caused to walkers and cyclists who are deterred from even short commutes due to the fear of being hit by noise and air pollution.This compels them to resort to unwarranted car usage.

In comparison, many of the “banned” or “controlled” – substances/activities (See graph below) have a much lower social damage/energy/ecology footprint. Like cars each one of them has some perceived benefits to some.


What is the criteria for banning one vs. letting another go astray?


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Car Cleaning & Water Usage

Cars in Bangalore become dirty very quickly. Once in a day or atleast once in 2 days cars needs to be washed unless it is covered and kept in a Gaurage. Most of the cars are parked outside house and become dirty very quickly.

We need atleast a bucket of water to clean the car. Few use water pipes and release water through a jet. Here we do not know how much water we have consumed.

Most of Bangaloreans have a car cleaning boy at home who cleans the car every morning or alternative mornings at a nominal cost ranging from 300-500 rupees. Very few wash their car on their own. It takes a minimum of 15 minutes to wash the car. It is like giving 'bath' to your car.

The car washed water  mostly goes to the road. comment guidelines

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