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Car Sharing - Is this the way to go?

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Self Driving Rental Cars from vendors such as zoomcar as well as Taxis are easily accessible now in Bangalore. To make a city a smart city, these kind of rental cars and rental bicycles plays a major role as stated by the owner of zipcar, who introduced car sharing on hourly basis.

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 Each Zipcar removes 15 personal vehicles off of city streets and out of city parking spaces. In fact, each personal car requires three parking spaces (work, home, and retail), so you might also say that each Zipcar removes the need for 45 parking spaces. In addition, Zipcar members drive 60-80% less than people who own their own cars. Zipcar has proven that car-sharing can be as convenient and easy as owning your own car. So almost one million people have chosen to use Zipcar as of part of their multi-modal transport in cities across North America, in the United Kingdom, and several other European cities.

Parking requirements for building developments in cities around the world have also changed as a result of the real concrete shift around car ownership that Zipcar spearheaded.


What we see in Bangalore is multiple cars per  home nowadays. Husband one car, wife one car, grown up daughter and son one car each, at the maximum, son may be using a bike instead of a car. So much of space is occupied by these cars in multiple places. comment guidelines

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