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Tumkur as satellite for Bangalore?

Tumkur, so close to Bangalore - Just 55 minutes to 1 hour in Non-Stop Train, 1.5 hours by road (delay mainly due to Traffic) is highly under-utilized. Bangalore is growing like anything and the existing space is not sufficient. Tumkur can be well utilized as a satellite city.

Why is Bangalore growing towards Hosur - a city belonging to neighbouring state and why not towards our own city Tumkur? Townships as well as IT companies can be planned between Bangalore and Tumkur in areas that are close both to railway track and the bus route.

People, usually working in Government sector live in Tumkur and work in Bangalore. They are using the only available passenger train for their daily commute between Tumkur and Bangalore. This train starts from Arsikere and takes almost 2 hours 15 minutes to cover the distance which a non-stop train can cover in 1 hour.

If two non-stop trains are started from Tumkur to Bangalore with airconditioned compartments along with monthly passes to these airconditioned compartments, many would shift there. After reaching Bangalore, they can use Metro / local city buses.

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Tumkur CDP

There is already a forum that wants Tumkur CDP (Comprehensive Development Plan) in place. Recently, Tumkur was elevated from a TMC (Town Municipal Council) to CMC (City Municipal Council).

The strenght of tumkur is it's close proximity to Bangalore. It should take advantage of this. There should be a monorail between Tumkur and Bangalore.

Another strenght is the trifurcation of Bangalore University. One of the benefits of trifurcation was creation of Tumkur University.

The ball in on track, but there is more that needs to be done. 

Tumkur in the news

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Tumkur is Ideal

Hi, Tumkur is a lovely place with the same wonderful climate that Bangalore has or once had. Temperatures don't rise above 36-37 degrees as the city is at an elevation just as Bangalore.

In a way, the lack of development of Tumkur has been beneficial. The city is free from pollution and livable. Unlike Bangalore which is highly polluted and would soon be unlivable. Costs of commodities and housing is also much lower than in Bangalore. So, if local trains are made available with every 30 minutes frequency, many people I am sure would prefer to stay there and commute. I would certainly prefer staying there and commuting daily inspite of being a born and brought up Bangalorean. The prices of housing in Bangalore will also come down when all nearby cities are well-connected to Bangalore with frequent trains. A lot of people would prefer nearby cities thereby reducing the demand.

Focus on Nelamangala and Dabaspet

Ideally, Nelamangala and Dabaspet should also be upgraded to TMC (Town Municipal Council) and developed a satellite towns to ease congestion and pressure on Bangalore.
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Development only occuring towards Hosur Road???

Most of the hitech jobs are coming near Hosur Road - Electronic City and Sarjapur. Hosur is being used as a satellite town with lot many coloured buses travelling there. Usually the office boys, security boys, drivers are mostly from this part. They live in Hosur and Travel to offices in EC, Koramangala, Sarjapur.

Some techies do stay in Hosur. Bangalore is creating employment opportunity to neighbouring Hosur which belongs to another state whereas Tumkur and Mysore, which belongs to Karnataka is deprived of this.

As I said in my earlier posts, lot many techies are from Mysore. If Electronic City would have been planned somewhere on Bidadi or Ramanagaram, the 4 lane road to Mysore, we would have seen lot more earlier. Mysoreans working in Bangalore would have travelled from Mysore to Bidadi or Ramanagaram (1hr 15 minutes Journey in non stop train).

So is the case even for Tumkur. If tech park, say ITPL would have been located in Dabuspet or Nelamangala, Tumkur would have developed parallely.

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Why Hosur

The only reason people are opting to stay in Hosur is because of poor connectivity options towards bannerghatta and mysore roads. It is easy to get to Hosur on the highway. If NICE had been allowed to finish their road you would have seen a lot of the very same people living towards Anekal/Kanakapura/Kengeri/Bidadi. Now we realize why connectivity (roads/railways) is important. We shoot ourselves with poor planning and then blame everybody else for our misery. 

You probably are aware that the EC extensions streches all the way towards Anekal and not towards hosur. If land were provided towards Kanakpura/Bidadi for industries and PRR/Nice roads built to connect BIA you will see more development towards mysore. Solution is simple and everybody knows it. Implementing it is important.  

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have another NICE corridor

May be NICE should now be invited to set up another corridor all the way to HUBLI via Tumkur, under a more transparent PPP agreement. 

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