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Benefits offered for riding a car - None for using public transport!!!

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Recently my friend working in another company told that he was given 1lakh by his company to buy a car after using which he cannot use company shuttles. I felt this move by the company is ridiculous to encourage private car usage. He now drives all the way from Katriguppe to Byappanahalli causing congestion and emmission all over.

Also some grade of employees are eligible to claim tax rebates on petrol. If it is a charged parking in your campus such as ITPL, it can be reiumbursed.

On the other hand, if you are a humble BMTC / company shuttle / Metro user, you do not get any rebate being a green warrior / cannot afford to drive a car or whatever. Rather he has to bear ever increasing BMTC charges. Decrease in Petrol / Diesel prices, increase in BMTC charges and many attractive schemes to move people towards cars with this trend in increase in population of Bangalore will only worsen Bangalore.

Why is a green warrior peenalized whereas an emission and congestion creator is subsidized?

Government of India should change these policies and encourage more and more public transport. Like LPG Subsidy, a subsidy should be provided to the poor class of people using public transport. The working class using public transport / company transport should be incentivized by providing tax sops. Encouraging private car schemes should be totally eliminated and it should be made expensive by charging parking fees for using office parking space. It should be more expensive than the company shuttle monthly charges. Then only people will leave their cars and use company shuttles atleast instead of using their own cars reducing the congestion.

Such  a measure will reduce so many cars which would eliminate so many flyover constructions, traffic management infrastructure saving lots of money to the Government which could be utilized else where.

If you look at the above image, lots of lots of cars can be found with less number of other vehicles. Most of them will be single occupied. Why is our Government incentivizing them??? comment guidelines

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