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Incremental Metro Extension in Phase 2

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Metro Rail

Metro Phase 2 works are going to start very soon. But how long it would take? Phase 1 which started in 2007, saw the light in 2011 partially. For complete Phase 1 to complete, it would be end of 2015 or even 2016. Almost close to 9 years. Phase 2 in the phase 1 pace might take another 9 years. If the work starts now in June / July, it might complete somwhere in 2023. With the population of Bangalore increasing so much, can Namma Bengaluru wait for Namma Metro so long?

Phase 2

In Phase 1, major problem was the Underground section. Work started in 2011. In Phase 2, except the IIM - Nagawara Line, everything is elevated and most of it comprises Phase 1's extension. In Phase 1 only, Reach 3 was divided into Reach 3A and 3B. 3A comprising 10 kms is operational now, whereas 3B  comprising another 2 kms will be inagurated in another 6 months or so. This was a wise move by BMRCL to open the lines incrementally without making entire reach 3 just reach 3 and waiting for full line to be operational.

Phase 1's extension in Phase 2 could be done in an incremental fashion in a similar way enabling the extensions pretty faster. It will be more frequent paper work for BMRCL for getting the certifications. At the end of the day, Namma Bengaluru wants Namma Metro faster. This is in the hands of GoK and partly on GoI unlike Suburban Rail which depends mostly on GoI and SWR.

Phase 1's  Reach 1 extension in the Whitefield direction is very important compared to all other extensions looking at the Passenger Car Volume and the density of workers working in Whitefield and ORR. Incremental extension would definitely ease the pressure instead of waiting 5 - 9 years for Whitefield to see Pink Metro.



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Target K R Puram Extension in Phase 2 as Reach 1a

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OMR and ORR junction is the nightmare for everyone living in Whitefield , Mahadevapura and K R Puram. Since Phase 1 Reach 1 ends 2 kms before on Old Madras Road, people using Phase 1 Metro would not be highly benifitted. They would still have to spend sweet 30 minutes to cross this nightmare junction. It would be beneficial for those working in Bagmane Tech Park in CV Raman Nagar. 

To benefit those who are working in Outer Ring Road companies, extension till K R Puram is a must. This will also benefit passengers alighting at K R Puram Railway Station. K R Puram Metro Station is planned at Laurie College, south of KR Puram Hanging Bridge.  BMRCL should work on people's needs rather than working in isolation. This would also improve their revenue.

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Yes..Vasanth you are right.

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Yes..Vasanth you are right. it will surely take more than decade to complete phase II. hope atleast this time all the department co-ordinate and provide  required sky walk/FOB's at relavent places..


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