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No connectivity between Reach-1 and Reach-3

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Here is a report in Deccan Chronicle, source by a BMRCL official.

“Aware that in the absence of the undeground sections of the Metro there will be no connectivity between Reach-1 and Reach-3, the BMRCL is hoping to run circular bus services to link the two. “For instance, someone travelling from Yeshwanthpur to Byapanahalli will be able to take the Metro at the Yeshwanthpur station, alight at the Malleswaram station and then hop-on to the circular bus service that will take him to MG Road, from where he can once again board the Metro to reach Byapanahalli. BMTC is in the process of finalising routes,” a BMRCL official said.”

Why these fragments? So if someone from Malleswaram wants to go to MG Road, either hop on the circular bus service (same as the feeder bus?) and get stuck in the traffic or take his/her own car or 2-wheeler. Then what is the use of the Metro? 

On a side note, in one of the DC reports (August 7 paper?), Mr. Praveen Sood mentioned that not one car will be taken off the road from Indiranagar when Reach-1 starts.  Well, I don’t know how to interpret his statement. Hope some car owners from Indiranagar do travel by Metro. One of the reason for Metro is to reduce traffic congestion.


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This is only temporary until Underground Section finishes

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Mahesh K, this is only a temporary arrangement until the Underground section of North-South corridor and East-West corridor finishes and the Majestic station is fully operational. Once operational, Reach 3 folks can changeover to Reach 1 in Majestic. 

It is a good idea to connect Reach 1 and Reach 3 by buses until underground section finishes. This idea infact was first proposed here on Praja :


This helps a lot for a commuter who comes from say 8th Mile on  Tumkur road and wants to goto Byappanahalli. comment guidelines

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