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Meeting with BMRC, Friday

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20 Aug 2010
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Some of us at Praja are planning to go meet Metro officials this Friday, 20th/August. Those interested to join in may leave a note here. We will not be able to take more than 5 people along, so please respond soonest since we have to resort to 'first come first serve' basis & give priority to more senior praja members.

For those not intending to attend, but have questions or queries, please do post them here.

Regret the short notice, but this meet had to be organized to fit in with their schedule as Metro staff are busy with completion stages of reach-1.


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BMRC Meeting at 3PM

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The meeting is scheduled for 3PM - regret ommision in the post.

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 I am in

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 I am in

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Any specfic agenda for the meeting?

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Thanks for arranging this meeting. Any specifics on this meeting? Anything specific topics that are in for questioning to BMRC?


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Count me in..

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Will be there.. 

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IDS /Srinidhi - Noted. Could you post yr queries /questions so that we go prepared with a list of items for discussion ?

Syed - We are going to get updates & any specific items that members might like to know.

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I'm in too...

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Some Qs

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Reach 1 to start in Dec: Status of BMTC interface (feeder service, common ticketing trials). Status of Stations, Pedestrian and other access & amenities. How ready are we really?

Ask for a copy of the overall project schedule with task details (not just a three line Start-Do-End list). We need to see the copy they use to control the project.

Underground Segment - Status (TBMs, Tenders, Work). Expected date of completion.

Plans related to operation of metro in phases as construction proceeds on other disjoint segments?

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I'll come too. Murali

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I'll come too.


Muralidhar Rao
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Will make it for the meeting

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Following points, we need to get status from BMRC :

1. As per BMLTA meeting on 21.10.2008, BMRC to integrate METRO station with Yesvantpur Station. DRM of SWR to incorporate the needed changes for METRO in Station exapnsion plan and to provide direct entry of METRO commuters to station so that Pessangers can directly go to the required station platform for Intercity train catching. For this MD of BMRC to send the comprehensive proposal to SWR to get approval from the Empoweered committee of Ministry of Railways GoI. We need get the plan from BMRC how integration will be done here.

2. Whats plan for Passangers crossing from Yesvantpur station PF-1 side to NH-4 Tumkur side METRO station, as Railway PF ticket shoud not become problem for Passangers catching METRO train at Yesvantpur station. This aspect has been well taken in Mumbai major stations. That is Semaless footover bridge to cross Yesvantpur station, METRO station and crossing NH-4

3. For how many cars / two wheelers parking facility is beeing planned at Yesvantpur and Baiyyappanahalli including for both segment of commuters METRO & Railways

4. What provision is made for BMTC buses to stop at the Yesvantpur Baiyyappanhalli Station. What about single ticket system with smart card for METRO & BMTC, also montly passes of both system in single Smart card.

5. If any facility is beeing planned, then Where all the commuters can buy these smart cards for METRO travell. Can they re-charge the smart cards thru online. Like Delhi METRO offers some discounts on the purchases made in the shops located in METRO station for the METRO card holders.

6. Which all station Public vehicle parking has been planned. Above set of question related to Yesvantpur also applies to Baiyyappanahalli station.

7. What are the plan for commuters to catch BMTC buses at MG road cubbon park end to move to Jayanagar / KR Market / Mejestic / Shivaji Nagar Bus stand. Other end what plans are made for BMTC buses to ferry the commuters at Baiyyappanahhali station to ITPL, KR Puram station and towards old Airport Road. Here BMTC Buses should play to these destinations exclusively with frequency of 5 Min in peak period and 15 Min during off peak period from METRO station till the complet METRO is put in place upto Kengeri

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BMRC meeting guidelines

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IDS, Srinidhi, Ravi, Murali & Sanjeev have confirmed attendance. That's six incldg me - should be okay.

We can meet at 2.45PM on the north side of the office bldg block on ground floor, by the elevator entrance (bldg side close to TTMC construction work).

As moderator, I wish to remind attendees that the general purpose is to obtain update/s about progress from BMRC. Other queries, confined to BMRC's role & work scope can also be discussed.

Only Ravi & Sanjeev have posted their queries here so far. Others - if you have more queries, please post them here to ensure smooth & pleasant progress of the meeting -- else, pls provide the same when we tie up before the meeting.

Thank You for your participation & look forward to seeing you this afternoon !

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Metro to ITPL in Phase I

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I had a question on taking metro to ITPL in ph I itself..this is considering the delay in going underground and the overall delay in Phase I

and ITPL being a very 'CBD ' like area for IT co's 

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All the best, be organized please!

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Guys, I won't be able to join today. But want to request everyone to stick with Naveen as a moderator for the meeting - let him ask all first, and then keep 10-15 minutes at the end for adhoc items. Idea of this meeting is to "know" from them (on project status, plans) than "tell". Trying to do both in such meeting is usually not a good idea. One at a time is better, and again, this one is a "know" meeting. comment guidelines

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