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BMTC costliest in country


Recently Petrol and diesel prices have come down but BMTC has not reduced its prices.

A simple comparison shows why people should not use BMTC.

Avoid Volvos, BMTC buses and increase more traffic in city.

Root cause is public transport mode is way tooooooooo costly.

Petrol rate : 70.5  Mileage Bike at 50Kmpl Car 15 kmpl

BMTC incorrect stage, costlier than own vehicle


Hi All,

Just to bring classic example how BMTC loots people.

Place: Agara junction to SIlk board

Distance: 3.3 kms Fare 12 rs (normal bus)

Stage: 2 stages

As per rule we need to have stage for every 2 kms but here we have 3 stage just to loot people.

BMTC volvo hike loses passengers by 50%


After hike in volvo fares BMTC is turned out to be losing passengers.

More details at below link



Mid day pass, and age for senior citizen pass in BMTC


Kudos to KSRTC for age reduction - now decreased fare by 25% for senior citizens for 60 yrs from 65 earlier.

But still in BMTC daily pass is still 50 for senior citizen even after having proof.

They accept only BMTC id card. Why should we need one more card if we already have KSRTC id card /voter's id/govt id card ?

Chengddu makes bus travel free, BMTC costlier than two wheelers!


Our BMTC costlier than 2 -wheelar and cars....

Can we propose to have ticket rates as 5,10,15,20,25 to avoid change problem and corruption ?

Like 5Rs for first 3 stage, then 10 for 4-8, 15 for 9-13, 20 for 14-18 and so on......

BMTC costlier than 2 -wheelar


Once again just in name of diesel hike BMTC has hiked bus fares

Extend K1 and K3 buses

BusPublic Transport



Can someone take action and suggest this solution to BMTC. EVen after many complaints they are ignorant on this one.

Instead of putting new buses they can just extend K1 and K3 buses from Koramanagala bus stop to HSR CPWD quarters stop.

By just increaseing 3 stops it will benefit 1000s of people plying on these routes.



No bus to majestic on ORR

BusPublic Transport

BMTC must put more buses from ORR to Majestic. There are no direct bus from bellandur, ORR, iblur, etc to Majestic. Only one bus -342F from Sarjapur runs which comes like one bus in one hour. Also now BMTC have put only Orange-Marcopolo bus and removed all normal buses.


Extend K3 service to HSR Layout

BusPublic Transport

As we all know K3 bus runs from koramangala. This bus can be extended till Parangipalya which is just 3 stops from KML. This way all HSR layout residents will get direct bus to jayanagar, vijayanagar, iskcon,etc places.


So can anyone suggest this to BMTC to extend K3 service till Parangipalya bus stop.

Bus pass fare increased

BusPublic Transport


BMTC has increased daily bus pass fare to 40 now for whose who don't have ID cards. Is this fare enough?

Agara Flyover


Can someone tell when is the flyover construction at Agara junction to be completed ?

Vehicles must be allowed to take right from this junction at 27th Main. Also the one way implementation at 27th main HSR layout is not justified. AFter entering 27th main the road joining the agara village (1st cross) must be left open to public so that all vehicles need not go round about route. Few suggestions to improve traffic are -

  1. Allow right turn at 27th Main
  2. Allow LMV vehicles to go straight at agara/27main junction
  3. Extend 2 ways on 27th main till 1st cross
  4. Remove all the blockings made at 8/9/10/11 cross on 27th main and allow normal flow of traffic
  5. Re-route BMTC bus to paringipalya via Agara at earliest
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