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Benniganahalli RUB progress!

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Would anyone know, why the work at Benniganahalli RUB (Road under bridge) widening has almost stopped?

After the magic boxes have put under the railway line (one each on the either side of the existing Old Madras Road, it took about a month to level the surfaces there, and nothing is being done for the last month or so to widen the existing road and include the new Magic boxes and covert the stretch to 6-lanes! Though this will not help the chaos at the junction of Cable-stay bridge and flyover (with so many bus having stops there), this would definitely bring some relief.

For the past 2 / 3 weeks, the magic boxes are now serving as parking space for trucks, pani-puri push cards running good business there too..

Does anyone know, what is the bottleneck there? Any thing we citizens can do to push to complete this long pending work?



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tender for balance work?

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Last week, I noticed this tender (, says:

Balance work at ROB at km. 203/700-800 between Cameloram-Baiyyappanahalli station of Bangalore Division. Value Rs 3,74,56,101/-

Location is listed as Carmeloram, don't think there is any incomplete ROB there. I was wondering if this is for Benniganahalli ROB?

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Benniganahalli ROB

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Dear SB,

Doesn't look like the same one  - because the current project which is pending is RUB, where as this tender says ROB!


PS : I am not able to figure out where is Camelaram Rly Station. Wondering, if this has another name?? Pardon my ignorance!

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Tender title contradicts description

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It could as well still be the Benniganahalli RUB..the tender states RUB in description!

Btw the carmelram is a station close to Sarjapur detailed in the now famous Praja CRS ride..see link below!

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I think this is for bngnhalli

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Yes Srinidhi, It's the same sarjapur road station, spelled in a third way (Karmelaram, Carmelaram, Carmelarom?). but I am almost sure there is no ROB or RUB pending completion between Karmelaram and Biyappanahalli. There is one over Outer ring Road, and then one RUB near Bellandur road which would need expansion soon, but thats it.

This tender is about the pending work at B'n'g'n'halli.

There is a number and email address on the tender, Surya - you can call/email and ask.

Why was work left half done? Was it planned this way, or did the money run out, like it happened at Kadugodi?

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New Grade Separator Proposal at Byappanahalli

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Heads up.


With the proposed world class South Western Railway station at Baiyappanahalli also located adjacent to the depot and the bus terminus, Metro Rail authorities have proposed construction of a grade separator to connect Old Madras Road to the satellite bus terminus for better connectivity from the national highway to the KSRTC terminal and the SW Railway station.

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Any Progress?

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Any updates on this RUB work in Benniganahalli?

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