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Big10 Corridor improvement - good intentions

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Some good intentioned work seems to have been kicked off on the Big10 corridor this side of the city. From what I can see, the HAL Airport Road, Varthur Road Big10 corridor is seeing some upgrades towards:

  • Serious looking pavements improvements. Idea must be to prevent pedestrians from walking on the roads.
  • Increase road width at some places.
  • Some road engineering upgrades at few junctions - like more width to perhaps make U-turns easier, or perhaps for waiting turn-lanes. Not sure, but I am just guessing.

Good initiative. I think the goal is to make corridors better manageable, both for the buses (Big10 and others) and private vehicles. What we don't know though is if there are any immediate plans for prioritizing bus movement, things like

  • Priority for buses at some signals
  • Bus only lanes at select stretches

Keep watching.

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I was wrong

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The work I am noticing around is part of general upgrade of road side drains coupled with doing proper pavements to many roads. Its not a Big10 corridor improvement effort as such - at least not directly. comment guidelines

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