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NICE Expressway toll and receipt, taxes?

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Wanted to share an observation. Usually, on getting a receipt, I take a quick glance to see if it is "proper". I am told a proper one is supposed to have a number, date, and tax id number of the business that is issuing it.

So, with that background, past weekend, when I was handed a receipt at the NICE expressway tollgate, I took a look, and noted that there was no TIN mentioned anywhere.

So I was wondering if anyone knows the tax implications of toll collected by NICE. Does NICE pay taxes on the toll it collects? Or is there a waiver for them? Other question - are they supposed to report vehicle stats - and report their toll revenues in any form or fashion? A missing TIN number in receipt may or may not mean anything, but I am just curious.

Just to make the point about TIN very clear, here is a receipt, in my book a proper one, because it seems to have a number, a date and the business TIN.

Note the bottom half of this receipt - clear TIN, and CST as well.



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Its not NICE

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Its NECE Limited on the receipt. 

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Common emergency number

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Why are there multiple emergency numbers. When we have an emergency we have to determine what type, heart condition, accident, fire etc.; we have to determine where, NICE road, MG Road, Koramangala, etc. we have to know NSD code etc.

Why dont we have a common emergency number like 911 or 100 for all emergencies which can be called from all places. The advertisement of emergency numbers by hospitals is not good. I was looking for possible presentation of proliferation of so called emergency numbers, and when I found this, thought this was a very nice example.

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expressway traffic patrol - who?

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Since we are at it, I am alos curious if its okay for NICE to hav their private highway patrol on the expressway? Whose responsibility is to enforce speed limits and safety on the expressway?

  • NICE itself?
  • Or, state traffic police?

If its NICE, then will they be liable for any damages that happen on the expressway, and can be proved to be due to lax enforcement?

[I am not a NICE hater or anything, just that someone should ask these questions.] comment guidelines

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