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BMTC to introduce e-purse

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We have been hearing about using smart cards for ticketing on BMTC buses and looks like there is some progress on that front. This TOI report says that things are being sorted out with all involved parties to introduce smart cards. If everything goes as planned, by the year end we should be able to own smart cards that can be used on buses and stores (and on Metro when its ready).

Having used smart cards personally for travel (in Singapore), I have come to realise that they are quick, convenient and reduce ticketless travel. With smart cards its also very easy to calculate and charge a more appropriate and accurate fare. For example, in Singaopore if you change a bus migway to reach your destination, the system knows that you are continuing your journey and gives you a discount. Similar thing happens if you take a change from metro (MRT) to bus or vice-versa. I am sure BMTC, with the advantage of having started late, has access to more advanced (or at least similar) technology and will be able to give us all those features.


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is this different from the

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is this different from the Goldpasses you were talking about the other day? perhaps they can introduce a daily pass also. say you are a visitor and need transit for a day only. in boston recently we took a day pass for around 10 bucks each. was redeemable at their metros and buses. leisurely wandered around the whole day enjoying sights instead of bothering about how to get there, where to park etc., cheap also. saved on parking & gas. got to chat with other tourists too. was fun.
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This is the physical card

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What we are talking about here is the 'smart card' that can be used also as a non-contact plastic money elsewhere. Once they have the system in place, it must be very easy to implement monthly passes, tourist passes etc using that card. A daily pass in London costs between 5-7 pounds (depending on which zones you wish to travel in) and covers buses and the tube. Very very convenient. That one is a magnetic strip ticket though. But more regular passengers are now being given whats called 'oyster card' which is non-contact similar to the one BMTC is planning.

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