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Metro Ph-1 Integration issues progressing slowly

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4 works connecting to B'lore Metro once completed will bring big relief &will increase metro ridership
1. FOB at BMTC Mejestic
2. Extending Platform at Baiyappanhalli for intercity train
3. Skywalk at City station
4. 3rd entry from Gubbi Tontadappa road

BMRCL to compliment with 6 Coach Metro will make big difference. Then ridership will increase drastically

1. Mejestic : BMTC & Metro connecting FOB : Will bring more BMTC commuters to use multimodal public transport system.  Effect BMTC will see rise in its commuters and same time Metro



2. Baiyyappanhalli Railway station Platform extension work to provide stopages for Intercity trains so that Commuters can easily take Metro and reach station by Metro

3. Bangalore City Metro Station connecting KSR City Railway station Skywalk work progressing very slow. This will enable more railway commuters to use Metro including Suburban Rail Commuters


4. One more entry for Bangalore City Railway station : 3rd Entry will give one more access from Kempegowda Metro station. This will enable more commuters to use Metro with Railway


5.  Deployment of SIX Coac Metro will bring relief to daily metro commuters. This will attarct more Commuters into public Transport system

Officials of BMRCL, BMTC, SWR, KSRTC, UDD, DULT, BBMP, Traffic Police need to iron out issues to help commuters for better public transport system with good interchangablity between different modes of Publci Transport system.

Autos, Taxi need to compliment them





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BMRCL should strat placing order for Ph-2 Metro Coaches

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Its high time BMRCL should place order for Metro Coaches for Ph-2 extensions other wise, frequecny will drop or 6 coach will be reduced to 3 coach.

These coaches r required in Jan 2020

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Looking at the pace of work b

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Looking at the pace of work b ITD on the whitefield extension, it could get completed at a fast pace..hence as you say, having the 6 train configurations ready in adequate numbers, especially for the purple line extensions, will be crucial to make best use of the new lines.. comment guidelines

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