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BBMP and audits - Sad state of governance in Bangalore

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While Anna Hazare’s campaign against rampant corruption in the country as a whole is heading towards a showdown, the following local news underlines the genuineness of the people’s movement.  [1]

Our own Bangalore, Capitol of our state of Karnataka is no exception.

Though the state auditor-general has been damning the BBMP year after year for its poor performance, the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike has reportedly ignored its internal audit — right from 1964, even in its earlier forms when it wasn’t known as BBMP but as the city corporation.

    The allegation was made by BBMP’s Accounts Standing Committee chairman A L Shivakumar on Thursday. “As per the KMC Act, internal audit is a must, but it has been ignored. So there is no check and balance system in accounts, no bank reconciliation statement in BBMP, and lack of scrutiny leading to revenue loss. BBMP has only recorded its expenditures and not credit-debit statistics of its finances. It is better to outsource the auditing system to a private agency, as do the local self governments of Tumkur and Mandya said Shivakumar. Which could mean that dozens of rackets must have flourished unchecked? [2]


This shows that the present BJP government included all political parties are abetting corruption whole heartedly. When people like Kapil Sibbal who once tried to prove that 2G Scam was in fact no scam and believe that just because they are elected have a license to force the Jokepal Bill through the throats of the people at large, governance will be dammed 



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It is not a joke to draft a Lokpal bill

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I don’t think anywhere in the world, fasting is the way to draft a bill [1] - P Chidambaram - [2]


It is not a joke to draft a Jan Lokpal bill but the “Jokepal bill” is. When the country as a whole is agitating for calling a stop for rampant corruption perpetrated by the so called people representatives, who are there by corrupt means.


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internal audit reports on BBMP?

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Where can we find them? Wish we all take more interest account statements of our own municipality than in fasts and crackdowns happening 2000 miles north from here.

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Thanks for editing the title of my blog

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Yes it is more apt to what I had in mind. Thanks SB. The answer to your query is on the way. My report on the CIVIC / BBMP meet which I happened to attend, is under preparation.

“Held on Date:  Saturday, 18th June 2011; Time:  3PM to 5.45 PM

Venue:  Senate Hall, Central College Campus (Entrance from Jnana Jyothi Auditorium, Palace Road), Bangalore 560001”

You can find the answers in my report. Your advice is well taken. What happens 2000 miles is immaterial for our existence. How I wish it was true. comment guidelines

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