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Branching off from the "raging" debates in previous posts as an objective break seems to be required. 

New Govt. - By the Govt., For the Govt.


The new government has lost no time in bringing back power to the ministers / itself.  The swiftness with which the following bills were passed is astonishing to say the least.  How activists (read lawyers filing PILs) have allowed these under the radar is a mystery.

BESCOM performance


The performance of various electricity distribution companies has been indicated by the power ministry.  BESCOM gets a rating of B+ which is third from the top.  The PDF cannot be attached as it exceeds the 1 MB limit for attachments.

According to the report,

JnNURM Funds

Karnataka state will receive more JnNURM funds.  Excerpts from the article:

NICE Road agreement analysis

Bangalore Mysore Infrastructure Corridor (BMIC) has been embroiled in controversies from the 1997 when the framework agreement was signed.  Though the agreement itself does not appear to be on a public domain, a good analysis of the mechanics of PPP agreement is attached.  Some excerpts:

Bescom's transformers' transformation

BBMP in "league" with Bescom is replacing the big, ugly transformers with leaner ones.  Some snippets from ToI and Citizen Matters:

Trash talk

Out of sight, out of mind? Not many people think about what happens to the copious amounts of garbage generated daily. There doesn't seem to be much information on BBMP's website (surprise). Based on earlier articles in the media, it appears that there is still not a scientific landfill to handle Bengaluru's waste (let alone in other cities/towns in Karnataka).

Local wastewater (or mini sewerage) treatment plant

Public Health

Jayadeva institute built their own treatment plant. full article (DH source below.

HSRL updates

Metro RailPublic Transport

HSRL update attached as a PDF (also available at and It is commendable that Mr.

Karnataka Police Act


The draft of the proposed police act (table of contents and the body) are attached. The link is at KSP's site. Minister Ashoka mentioned (last line in article) that it is being reviewd.

Feeder bus service - at last

BusPublic Transport

Feeder service has been introduced between the City Central station and KBS/Majestic. Excerpts from the article below (from DH Metro; link -

ABIDe report on water, wasterwater and sanitation


is here (cannot attach file as the size is greater by 0.4 MB than the limit on praja). Highlights / comments below.

A new DPR for monorail - when?

Public Transport

Refer to the proceeds of this BMLTA meeting. Go to section 6/7 - there is no mention of Scomi/Geodesic. Why would IDD again prepare the DPR if Geodesic already submitted one? Different alignment?

See meeting notes in full here:

Commuter / suburban rail - part II

Commuter RailPublic Transport

Branching off from "Commuter-rail-will-it-ever-materialize" thread as it got too long. The IDD seems to be moving in the direction of surveying for CRS (item 3, pp. 2).

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